Scenes from Middle America


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.55.29 PMThis is a photo from Ferguson, Missouri.  It is not Gaza.  It is not Egypt. It is not any third world country, but middle America.  It is the scene of a pending disaster, in a community which is 60% Black, has 53 cops, with only 30 of them not white.   Why are cops in riot gear, in ATVs, wearing body armor, and carrying rifles with rubber bullets? Why are they threatening reporters?

Are the tales that police chief Thomas Jackson was mugging up on Hannity while his officers were threatening the national press and firing tear-gas into crowds?  If so, our questions are answered, before we even ask them.

According to something I read last night, the Tea Party is controlling the GOP agenda.  If so, then don’t expect the GOP to even bother doing anything about what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri.  They don’t care.  If Michael Brown had been white, and from a good libertarian, godly evangelical family, you would be seeing weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.  Instead, he was a young black man. The Tea Party is basically racist, as are their libertarian over-lords, Charles & David Koch.

Never mind that is perfectly legal to film cops.  Cops don’t think it is.  Things are so bad, in NYC, a memo was circulated, last week through the NYPD, reminding the once remarkable police department that people have a right to photograph them murdering people on the street, and not be threatened for doing so.  According to Mickey Osterreicher, an attorney for the National Press Photographer’s Association, cops have been poorly trained on the law.  Then, you add to the fact that with the brainwashing techniques of Character First, where they are to be obeyed, automatically, then you have a pending disaster.

“...“Probably because they haven’t been trained otherwise,” said Osterreicher. “I think that there are many officers that believe that the minute they tell somebody to do or not do something, that that’s an order. But police can only order somebody to do or not do something based on the law, and there is no law that says you can not record or photograph out in public.”…”

You don’t arrest reporters for doing their job, while they are having a snack at MickeyD’s.  It just isn’t ‘American’.  It also isn’t American to gun-down innocent young black men in cold blood.  You don’t beat up women on the side of the road in LA.  It’s just not good form.  It’s not good for ABQ cops to slaughter an unarmed homeless man.

If it were just Ferguson, Missouri, it would be one thing.  The problem is, it’s not just a small bigoted town in one of the most bigoted states in the country.  It is about Albuquerque, NYC, LA, Denver, Las Cruces (where I was terrorized), Miami, Atlanta, and in every part of this nation.  It is about out of control cops.  They appear to have one thing in common:  Character First.

Character First is a brainwashing program created by Bill Gothard of ATI infamy.  To date, it has been used in over 70K jurisdictions, major corporations, and entities throughout the nation.  It required absolute obedience to authority.  I fear, until it is terminated and its minions de-programmed, expect more of what is happening in Missouri.



And, in LA, on Sunday, the LAPD fatally shot an unarmed black man who was lying face down on the street. According to his mother, 24-year-old Ezell Ford was mentally challenged.  That didn’t matter, did it? As long as no one complains, everything will be fine.   There are reports that cops in Missouri gunned down a second, unarmed black man this week. Unfortunately, the shooting was there in Ferguson.

There is only one good thing about all of this.  In this divided nation, there appears to be a single subject has the potential to unite us all – police brutality.  Liberals, conservatives, and libertarians are all furious about it.  It is the only thing that is going to hold us together as a nation.