PART XXII-I: Christian Reconstruction, ATI, Abuse & Submission – Manly Men & Patriarchs


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On Friday, during his first Independence Day speech, the new Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi called on parents in the extremely misogynistic country to treat their sons and daughters equally.  They were also to hold their sons accountable for the explosion of rape and abuse of women in the nation. He said his goal was to also eradicate poverty in the country.

If the new PM of India ‘gets’ it, what on earth is wrong with the godly men of the far right?  Compare this to something Anna Sophia Botkin of Visionary Daughters recently wrote:

“…Women should not live in a woman’s world, but in the common world of mankind. Not as a man, but as a man’s helper. Not stepping outside her role, but understanding her place beside his….”

They are afraid, so very afraid.  They are sad, pathetic, little men who truly hate women.  In fact, their hatred is so strange, and growing to such lengths, that the SPLC is now tracking them.  They hate women.  They hate women to the point where they are now lying, fabricating hate crimes against men, just to prove how evil we women are.  According to Mark Potok of the SPLC, they continue to perpetuate certain lies.

  • THE CLAIM Men’s rights activists often insist that men are victimized by sex crimes and abuse just as much as women are, if not more. This assertion is meant to support their contention that the courts and laws outrageously favor women.

    THE REALITY A major 2010 study by the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control thoroughly debunks such claims. Nearly one in five American women (18.3%), the study found, have been raped; the comparable number for men is one in 71 (1.4%). Not only that, but more than half (51.1%) of female victims reported that their rapist was an intimate partner — a current or former spouse or boyfriend, or a date.

  • THE CLAIM In another effort to show that men are discriminated against, many men’s rights activists assert that women attack men just as much as men attack women, if not more. The website is one of many that criticizes what it characterizes as “the myth that women are less violent than men.”

    THE REALITY …the 2000 Department of Justice study found that violence against both women and men is predominantly male violence. Nine in 10 women (91.9%) who were physically assaulted since the age of 18 were attacked by a male, while about one in seven male assault victims (14.2%) were victimized by females. Similarly, all female rape victims in the study were attacked by a male, while about a third of male victims (35.8%) were raped by a female.

  • THE CLAIM Close to half or even more of the sexual assaults reported by women never occurred. Versions of this claim are a mainstay of sites like, which specializes in vilifying women who allegedly lie about being raped. Such claims are also sometimes made by men involved in court custody battles.

    THE REALITY … The best studies, where the rape allegations have been studied in detail, suggest a rate of false reports of somewhere between 2% and 10%. The most comprehensive study, conducted by the British Home Office in 2005, found a rate of 2.5% for false accusations of rape. The best U.S. investigation, the 2008 “Making a Difference” study, found a 6.8% rate.

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Convergent Books

Unfortunately, this sort of comment, left on a blog about how feminists have destroyed the country is not uncommon.  It is a stand taken by many conservative men (and women).

“...Feminism is pure evil. All great civilizations start out as strong patriarchies that value the family and male leadership after the society becomes wealthy women start gaining higher status. The problem is that women are hypergamous in nature and seek to marry up, so now there is a smaller pool of men to choose from. And these men having many options will not settle. Feminism destroys the institution of marriage which motivates men to seek careers to provide for their families. If women are giving it up in their 20s and not valuing chastity why would men work hard in their 20s to marry a woman who has not honored her side of the contract when they reach their 30s. Matriarchies and feminism will lead to high divorce rates, single moms, poverty, a huge welfare state, and broken families and communities. It is a lie to say that women are exactly like men and it will destroy our society….”

It is about misogyny. It is about the fact that there are certain men who are abjectly terrified of women. It is a hatred that goes back to the early years of Christianity.

“...Origen himself was filled by lust when encountered with a woman, and reflected his feelings to women, showing women as sexually perverted creatures. Works of St.John Chrysostom constitutes also constitutes a good example: “If you consider what is stored up behind those lovely eyes, the angle of the nose, the mouth and the cheeks you will agree that the well proportionated body is only a whitened sepulcher.” (Tobin 24) St. John Chrysostom seems to illustrate what attracts him in a woman but he struggles to remind himself that behind that external beauty lies an ordinary human being which has the same amount of filthiness and ugliness rather than defaming women. Churchmen’s desire to exclude women from the society was not based on an intensive dislike or a strong aversion; on the contrary it was based on fear of sexual attraction of churchmen for women.As I have shown, exclusion of women from Church was taking its source from fear.Churchmen humiliated women and seem to hate them, but in fact, all of hateful actions taken were rooted in fear. The early Church fathers could call women dragons and asps but that was only their attempt to hide their fear of female sexuality, whose power according to Tertullian exceeded that of the Devil. Actually, the men or churchmen were afraid of women seeing that women are the only creatures which could shake the foundations of their authority and their admission to God by sexually attracting them. It is unavoidable for those beliefs which are based on a fear aroused by imaginary threats and selfish concerns are about to turn weak, and thus, it is normal for Catholic Church to lose its dominant force in Roman Empire….”

The abject hatred of women goes back almost to the beginning of the Christian church, first by eradicating the gender of Junia, who was a minister and may have founded the Church of Rome (that church).  By the time of Origen, women, appear to be the enemy, not Satan.  Godly men today, haven’t progressed very far from that hatred.