PART XXII-J: Christian Reconstruction, ATI, Abuse & Submission – Manly Men & Patriarchs


Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 7.15.01 PMThere is something that is just plain silly about a man who must constantly prove he is a man.   There is also something wrong about a culture, a group of men who are so fearful of who and what they are that they must constantly fight to prove their manhood.  What it says has nothing to do with Christianity, and everything to do with the sad, little group of godly men who are pretending to be Christians.  Oh, I’m not going to question their salvation.  That would make me just as bad as are they.  I am questioning their wisdom and knowledge of Christ.  I am doubting that they actually know anything about what it truly is to be a Christian and a very real man of God.  A true man of God isn’t worried about his manhood.  He’s not even worried about pleasing God.  Instead he’s a man who is busy trying to imitate Christ.

“...In fact, those gun-swinging, steak-slinging cowboys at heart are full of insecurity. They are limited not only in their perspective (and sometimes alas intelligence), but they are constantly afraid and feel always threatened by any one who does not fall into the same trap. If a man decides to stay home and take care of the kids with his wife bringing home the proverbial bacon, then the macho man sees it as a personal threat to his macho prison.

Likewise, this explains why gay men so much terrify them because they embody the feminine aspects that the macho would like to embrace but dares not to do so. Not to mention that this life-long steroid ambition has made him infatuated with all things masculine and has inadvertently created a homosexual — but deeply frowned upon — fascination for other men.

Yet the “sensitive” man who is in tune with his female nature, who embodies both yin and yang within is more at peace with himself and in fact more confident in his wide range of talents. He can fully accept and develop any talents that are considered feminine to begin with, anything creative, educational or health-oriented. Yes, that includes male nursing….”

Because of their hatred and fear of women, godly men, almost from day one, have violated the basic teachings of Christ, who was the first feminist. Christ surrounded himself with women. Unlike other men of his era, he treated them as intellectual equals. He allowed them to talk back to him, to question him, and to approach him the way my favorite women of the Bible, Martha did. Other than castigating Martha for not taking time to do what her sister was doing, he literally liberated women. Martha was insisting that a woman’s place was in the kitchen. Christ told her the opposite. A woman’s place was with the men, learning about God’s love. This was revolutionary. It was/is so revolutionary, men today, godly men like Bill Gothard, John Piper, Kevin Swanson, Al Mohler, Doug Phillips, and Mark Driscoll, etc. etc. and so forth and so on, cannot grasp that at that moment, Christ declared women to be the spiritual equal of men.

There are so many problems here. Once again, we see where LDS theology has managed to find a crack in the world of Christian Reconstruction. The cult of manliness is NOT a mainstream Christian practice. It is something fairly new, something that literally begins with the advent of Christian Reconstruction. There’s a good reason for that. In the new cult created by R. J. Rushdoony, he bastardizes Old Testament theology, creating a patriarchal role for men that never existed. Helping Rushdoony, from the very beginning was the senile old bat herself, Phyllis Schlafly. The cult of the manly, godly man, was created as a response for godly men who felt threatened by liberated, ungodly and godly women.

“...In Mainstream Christianity God is understood as a Trinity of three persons in one God, consisting of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. While in mainstream Christianity God is thought of in masculine terms, teachings generally state that God has no gender, except in his incarnation as Jesus Christ, due to the fact that He is a spiritual being. However, the names of Father and Son clearly imply masculinity, and the Gospel of John implies the masculinity of the Spirit by applying a masculine demonstrative pronoun to the grammatically neuter antecedent. Still, teachings regarding the gender and nature of God vary between Christian groups, and some clearly state that God is male. These include the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which explicitly describe God the Father as being male, corporeal, and separate in being from the Son, Jesus Christ. Unusually, Latter-day Saint teachings also indicate the existence of a Heavenly Mother, who is the wife of the Heavenly Father, and that together they are the spiritual parents of humankind. This reinforces the idea that God is analogous to our earthly fathers. However, these beliefs are not common among Christian groups, which generally see God as having both male and female attributes and therefore no need for a female counterpart….”

Instead, godly men who hate women, do everything in their power to prove how much better they are than women. One blogger wrote about an attack by such a man.

“...I have been abused by both women as well as men in the church, but this frankly, was a new experience. I had let my guard down and this woman hating predator got through the door. I sent him a note in text, politely explaining my position and that in no way was I or ever had been a rebellious woman seeking to usurp male authority.

He sent back a lame excuse. I began trying to quietly shy away from him. The trust had been broken. However, not satisfied he came back and contacted me again and began criticizing me, telling me what I should think, what I should do, and “to obey”, not exactly explaining whom I should “obey”, but rather indirectly indicating it should be him.

By this time, I am wanting out. And also by this time, his true colors are showing and he is in full attack, wolf mode and begins to rip me up, telling me everything, (in his opinion), that I’ve done wrong, and what is wrong with me, and that I’m not really “walking in the spirit”.

After this last attack, I sent him back a note saying that Jesus would never talk to me, or treat me the way he did, and that I was not going to accept being spiritually abused in this way. After that, apparently he realized he was not going to be able to dominate me or manipulate me, and so sent back a hateful note with more accusations telling me I was not willing to accept “admonition”, (a handy buzz word for handing you your lunch), and then blocked me from further contact with him, as if that were going to be a problem for me. I was grateful it was over. However…there was the aftermath to deal with.

The aftermath was and is the old spiritual wounds this man left in his wake. Old wounds from the past abuse I thought were healed and now have found out they were still lurking under the surface, and this man ripped them open again. Now, I am praying,Jesus, just please come and love me, comfort me, heal me once again. And LORD, I thank you that you revealed to me what was going on, and that I have the right not to obey mean and cruel commands set up by those assuming false authority in your name. Or accept down in my heart false accusations of wrong doing, by those who would make sad those you haven’t made sad. And also, Jesus, I don’t know who or what made this man the way he is, but please convict him, heal him but keep him from hurting anyone else this way”….”

Celebrate being a manly man, with other godly manly men.

The Manly Man Conference?
The Manly Man Conference?

It’s too bad these godly men, these fearful, homophobic, sad, little men can’t admit they have other problems in life that have nothing to do with faith and everything to do with their own sexual orientation.  They’re afraid of themselves and their own hatred of women, maybe due to the relationships they had with their mothers.  They’re also afraid that they’re gay.  The real problem here is the fact that these godly men have demonized gay men so much that they’ve destroyed any real hope for their own happiness.

This seemingly endless series continues – tomorrow.