The Care and Feeding of Senior Citizen Parents


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.02.58 AMI wasn’t planning another long all-nighter with the parents, but my mother, who was feeling much, much better decided to cook a plowman’s breakfast for she and my father:  eggs, steak, hash browns, toast.  During the process, she cooked her back – again.   Evidently, on top of the lower vertebra which is now healing, she pulled a muscle.  So much for my plans.

My sister and I had one of those long talks.  We need to find someone to stay with them a couple nights a week.  I will stay every other night, but not every night.  I can’t do it.  The next process is to find someone.

The solution to everything is for me to sell the blasted condo and move down here.  It’s so frustrating.  I need to come up with a creative way to raise the money I need to build.  At a hundred bucks a square foot, we’re talking rabbit hutch.  What’s worse, the blasted culvert which was put in when the highway was turned into a four-lane, spewed a volcano of water down the yard on Wednesday evening.  That puts a crimp in everything, I’m afraid.

I just don’t get the mind-set in this country where seniors must be either quite wealthy or nearly indigent in order to be able to have a decent late life.  If you are middle class, or once part of the middle class, and are now tumbling into poverty, the way a large portion of Americans are these days, your choices in your ‘golden’ years are becoming less and less.

This past month, like I was telling my sister, we had numerous extra expenses, due to my mother’s broken vertebra.
$150 – gas
$150 – Poise & Depends (was once $18/month)
$100 – meds

When you are now on a limited income $400 is a financial disaster.  Heaven forbid it gets worse.  All those investments in land – well no one wants to buy land these days.  It looks good on paper, but this year, I fear, like Scarlet, I’ll need to make a dress out of the green velvet drapes and go shopping for a rich sugar-daddy.  Oh, wait… I don’t have any drapes. I wonder if duck tape and binds will work?