Ebola, Alzheimer’s & Shouting Ebola in a Crowded Plane


Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 12.55.42 AMThomas Duncan is dead.  No one deserves to die the way he did, but he’s dead.  His death, contrary to how it is being portrayed was not the result of racism.  He had a disease which is about 55% fatal, this time.  It is a crap shoot.  He lost. He also lied.  He was not treated properly in the urgent care center the first time, let’s face it.  But, no, it was not racism, but abject incompetence.  This past year, I’ve taken my mother to the ER 6 times.  Three of those times there were profound and incompetence, due to the arrogance of the attending health care professionals.   That’s half time.  That’s how the game is played, unfortunately.  It is why you take someone with you when you go to the ER.  You must have someone who has the brains to speak out and get the proper help.  The man’s family was so busy lying to themselves, that he was not stricken with Ebola, that they did nothing to help the situation.

The indignation over the idiot who yelled ‘Ebola’ in a crowded plane is over the top, and as hysterical as is the far right fear machine.  Contrary to Oliver Wendell Holmes, a jerk has a right to shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.  The idiot has a Constitutional right to be a total bust head and yell ‘fire’, or even ‘Ebola’.  I’m sorry, but the jerk who did just that, well he was a bust-head.   He has a Constitutional right to be a total and complete bust-head. Once upon a time, this nation was known for it incredibly tacky gallows humor.  Unfortunately, along with numerous freedoms we have also lost that sick sense of humor which makes us unique.

Unfortunately, if you read the casual meanderings from those on the left, we’re dealing with a mild cold, something not serious, at all.  Yet, if you read the hand-wringing on the right, the end is near.  Neither is correct. The ‘official’ head count of those who have contracted the disease is around 7000.  At least 200 of them are involved in medical care.

In the US, a person has a greater chance of being shot and killed by a cop than by dying from Ebola or even contracting it.  A person has a greater chance of developing Lupus, MS, or Alzhiemer’s.  How many people know the true early warning signs of AD?

Do you?