The Stupidity of Ebola


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.02.58 AMFor some strange reason there is now a ‘stigma’ against anyone connected with Ebola.  Forget AIDS or HIV, Ebola is the new ‘in’ disease.  It is a terrible and dreadful disease with a tragic mortality rate.  A person in the US has a greater change of being shot by a rogue cop than contracting Ebola, but yet, we need hysteria to feed the 24 hour news cycle.

Maybe, instead of the stigma of Ebola, we should be discussing Paul Krugman’s most recent column about debt and the stigma placed on anyone who has any.

“…Why are debtors receiving so little relief? As I said, it’s about righteousness — the sense that any kind of debt forgiveness would involve rewarding bad behavior. In America, the famous Rick Santelli rant that gave birth to the Tea Party wasn’t about taxes or spending — it was a furious denunciation of proposals to help troubled homeowners. In Europe, austerity policies have been driven less by economic analysis than by Germany’s moral indignation over the notion that irresponsible borrowers might not face the full consequences of their actions.

So the policy response to a crisis of excessive debt has, in effect, been a demand that debtors pay off their debts in full. What does history say about that strategy? That’s easy: It doesn’t work. Whatever progress debtors make through suffering and saving is more than offset through depression and deflation. That is, for example, what happened to Britain after World War I, when it tried to pay off its debt with huge budget surpluses while returning to the gold standard: Despite years of sacrifice, it made almost no progress in bringing down the ratio of debt to G.D.P….”

Funny how these things go.  The far right media is hysterical over Ebola.  The left is down playing it, and no one is paying attention to the true disease afflicting the average American.  Far more lives will be ruined due to the heartlessness of the extreme right than Ebola could ever do.