Grimes to the Rescue?


Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 12.09.06 AMBack in 2006, I was so disgusted with Laura Ingraham that I almost lost it.  She helped engineer the beginning of the betrayal of George W. Bush by the GOP.  That’s when I became disgusted with the conservative duplicity that I began to realize how two-faced, repulsive, and truly deplorable they are.  I was then, and am still a staunch supporter of George W. Bush.  I don’t mind admitting that I am.  That’s like I am completely annoyed with Barack Obama.  I voted for him in 2012 and would vote for him again.  I admit that I voted for him.  I, SJ Reidhead, a life-long Republican voted for Barack Obama – proudly.

Would someone please explain to me why Allison Grimes, a strong supporter of the National Rifle Association, doesn’t have the intellectual honesty to state that either she did or did not support and vote for Barack Obama?  The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is pulling the plug on money going into her campaign, concentrating instead on Georgia, which appears to be the only bright spot in an increasingly and apparently futile effort to maintain control of the Senate.

How can you possibly trust anyone like Grimes, be them Republican or Democrat.  If the Dems lose control of the Senate, just let her shoulder part of the loss. Anyone who lacks the intellectual honesty and courage to stand up for their vote, will betray the country.  I was so excited when she won the nomination.  Forget it.  Ashley Judd would have been far better.  I wonder, if she were elected, how long it would take her to betray the Dems?

With Democrats like this, Barack Obama doesn’t need the far right to stab him in the back.  He can just turn to his own party.  I want Mitch McConnell defeated as much as anyone, but I swear, if I lived in KY, I suspect I would end up voting for him, rather than Grimes.  At least with McConnell you know what you are getting.  With Grimes, anything goes.