The Greatest Lawsuit in the History of Lawsuits


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.02.58 AMA famous philosopher once said that stupid is as stupid does.  I think this is one of those cases.  Stupid is as stupid does.  While Dallas Presbyterian has been an abject disaster, the CDC has been just plain stupid.  Their inept and irresponsible stupidity is now creating mass hysteria where mass hysteria is not needed.  Face it, a person in this country has a greater chance of being dead by rogue cop than Ebola. Doesn’t matter, though.  It just gets crazier.

It has become political.  It’s always political.  The far right is playing the sky is falling, and the left still playing catch-up ball.  Don’t worry, there are Democratic politicians who are going to start working themselves into hysteria.  It’s an election year.  With Obama’s poll numbers hitting the skids, and the Senate in play, nothing is off the table when it comes to grand-standing – nothing absolutely nothing, including Michele Bachmann’s Ebola line in the sand.

I suspect we are going to discover several more health care workers in Dallas are infected.  When this happens, the you know what is going to hit the political fan.  The Democrats are going to be blaming Rick Perry for the disaster.  The Republicans are going to be blaming Barack Obama.  There will be a circular firing squad as to who cut which budget, when they are all guilty, each and every one of them.  The CDC is in deep do-do.  There are going to be many jobs lost, let’s face it.  Heads are going to start rolling, maybe before the election.

Even before this disaster Barack Obama was in trouble.  It could get worse.  If someone other than a health care worker comes down with this disease, it’s not going to be pretty.  If it happens before the election, and it certainly will, maybe, let’s just put the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre into perspective.

“Anybody would be crazy to go to a Presbyterian Hospital,” someone told me, while we were discussing the pending disaster that could not only open the US up to a epidemic of Ebola, but is going to bring down the entire Presbyterian health care services before it is over.  According to one source who wishes to remain nameless, people who live in that area of Dallas are terrified.  These aren’t ignorant, unwashed, extreme right FOX viewers, but very well educated, very affluent people.  They have heard the rumors surrounding Presbyterian and they aren’t good.

Let’s put it this way.  According to sources, Thomas Duncan the dead prevaricator who brought Ebola into this country was treated, like anyone else, in the ER at Dallas Presbyterian was allowed to be treated, without precautions or quarantine, in a normal ER.  Like I said, we’re looking at what is going to be the biggest class-action lawsuit in history.

There are those who want to put this in political terms.  The one who truly dropped the ball here is Health & Human Services, on a national level, and the CDC.  Oh, we can also point fingers at the GOP for cutting funds, but let’s be brutally honest here, the true villain in this developing disaster movie is the administration and management of Dallas Presbyterian.   A couple weeks ago I was in the ER (in a Presbyterian owned hospital) with my mother. There were numerous people in it, hacking and coughing.  I mentioned to her, what if someone had Ebola.  No one in the ER would even give a damn, let alone know how to recognize the disease, or treat it.  Fortunately, that day, the ER doc on duty (my favorite one, BTW) was actively involved in reading up on Ebola, knowing the latest about it, including a ‘bush’ doctor who was treating infected patients with an HIV anti-virus medication, and having tremendous alleged success.  If all Presbyterian ER docs were like that, things may have turned out differently.

How hard can it be for someone in medicine to actively know what is going on, even if their hospital system isn’t?  Like Sanjay Gupta said, how hard can this be?

“...“It’s not good guidance,” Gupta said. “It’s not that challenging. We’re not talking about some new experimental vaccine or experimental medication. We’re talking about covering your skin. Cover your skin! Because that’s how you get ebola! You’re a health care worker, you’re taking care of a sick patient, that’s the time they’re most infectious, that’s why health care workers do get sick — cover your skin! Why that didn’t happen is very concerning.”…”

If what I am reading is correct, even the old, Oconee County Hospital, where I volunteered, when I was in the 7th grade, as a candy-striper, knew more about infectious disease containment than did this hospital.  I suspect they did a better job with the ‘primitive’ containment procedures they had, than what I hear about what is going on in Dallas.  There was a quarantine room on the floor where I was assigned.  I have no idea what was going on, but only the charge nurse and doctors were allowed in.  The woman was a crack nurse, a World War II vet nurse who had seen it all, in Europe and in Korea.  What she controlled wasn’t sophisticated, but, from what I can remember, it was taken far more seriously than what we hear happened in Dallas.

We can’t blame it all on the hospital.  The CDC also screwed up, big time with this one.  What fascinates me is how the ‘liberal’ media treats the story one way, and the conservative media the other.  The NYTimes is now telling us that influenza is far more lethal and deadly than Ebola and we should all be vaccinated. Sorry, but that argument doesn’t work.   There is a bottom line here. Someone needs to stand up and act like a responsible adult here.  Why the heck were hospital personnel exposed to an infected patient not kept under surveillance?

What is wrong with good, old fashioned quarantine?

Frankly, I would start with political operatives and politicians. During the silly season that is now upon us, the Dems are going to use the issue to pound the GOP and the GOP is going to use the issue to pound the Dems.  Yes – there are things worse than Ebola – politicians.