What If Ukraine Shot Down Malyasia Airlines Flight 17?


Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.26.17 PMWhen I noticed that Russia and the Ukraine were going to sign an agreement about natural gas, it made me wonder just what was going on out there in the world.  Something else I’ve noticed is the fact that no one is discussing the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.  That alone is rather fascinating.  When silence begins to reign, it makes me a little suspicious of the usual sources.  Then again, the ‘usual’ sources are bending all over themselves in the most amazing contortion movements since the game Twister first premiered.  We must not admit that those adorable Ukrainian patriots are really modern day Nazis.  After all, modern day Nazis just don’t exist – or do they?  Quite frankly, the so-called patriots are far less palatable than the monster the press is trying to create out of Vladimir Putin.   These aren’t nice people, yet we are supporting them.  Quite frankly, I don’t approve of my tax dollars going to support Nazis.

Do you?

Now this:

According to researcher Robert Perry,

“…The West’s case blaming Russia for the shoot-down of a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine last July appears to be crumbling as the German foreign intelligence agency has concluded that the anti-aircraft missile battery involved came from a Ukrainian military base, according to a report by the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel….”

This leads one to wonder why the Canadian Bacon style proxy war with Russia.  Let me get this straight.  We are to hate Russia because we’re supporting the Nazis in the Ukraine.  Okay, I get it.  The problem is, I’m not that stupid.


One major publication recently ran an article explaining how the Ukrainian government was NOT involved with Nazis, yet they are using the  Swastika on their flags.  It is about encouraging the young people of the land to be patriotic, and so forth and so on…just the way the original Nazis did.

Consortium News
Consortium News

I am loath to mention this, but if it looks like a Nazi, goose steps like a Nazi, and threatens people like a Nazi, maybe it is a Nazi.  If so, why the heck is our government supporting them?