Oh Susana, Let’s Discriminate Against NM’s Native Population


Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.47.29 AMJust when you think Susana Martinez cannot sink any lower, she does.  Just when you think that far right bigotry can become no more disgusting, it does.  This time, the Martinez administration has instructed employees of NM DMV not to assist when someone needs language assistance.  Granted, this is to try and keep those horrible nasty Ebola encrusted, ISIS dealing illegals from applying for a driver’s license – which is acceptable and legal here in New Mexico – but, what it is doing is discriminating against traditional, native peoples who speak no English, and were here a hell of a long time before Martinez’ alleged ancestors.

Now, the Martinez dominated Motor Vehicle Department has classified Native Peoples as illiterate.  As so, they cannot be allowed to have a driver’s license.

Progress Now, NM
Progress Now, NM

The New Mexico Secretary of State recognizes 8 Native American languages in the state, along with English and Spanish.

  1. Tiwa
  2. Tewa
  3. Keres
  4. Towa
  5. Zuni
  6. Navajo
  7. Mesalero Apache
  8. Jicarilla Apache

According to state law, these languages must be accommodated the same way English and Spanish would be.  New Mexico is the only state which recognizes Spanish as one of our official languages.  In order for someone to run as the President of the Navajo Nation, that person must be fluent in Navajo.  Apparently, the Martinez edict is aimed especially at the Navajo Nation, where there are 169,000 who speak the Navajo language at home.  As many as 1 in 5 Native peoples over the age of 65 speak only their specific native language.  This new rule applies to all Native speaking peoples in the state of New Mexico.

“...The new rule applies to all of the state’s Native speakers. There are about 169,000 people who speak Native languages in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Further, 1 in 5 elderly Native Americans speak only their Native tongue. And, to those who would say, “Learn to speak English!” I would remind them that these tribes were here long before English was in use. They are under no requirement to learn it.

Of course, this whole charade is about stopping voter fraud, that straw man that the GOP loves so much. And Susana Martinez, a rising star in that party, wants to get her state in line with the current ALEC Republican laws concerning voter ID. In New Mexico, you do not have to present a voter ID to vote but you do to register for the first time….”

Naturally, like all good, corrupt GOP Governors, Susana Martinez is looking at a cake-walk as she skips toward re-election.  It doesn’t matter how corrupt she is, that the state is now in a double dip recession, has the worst economy in the nation, and is awash in corruption, if the Koch Brothers want her re-elected, she shall be re-elected.