I Love Election Nights!


Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 12.58.15 PMIt doesn’t matter all that much who is winning or losing (oh, it does, but that’s not the point).  I love election nights.  There is something in the air, a feeling, something intangible, that tells us this great experiment is working, warts and all.  It says that, once again, no matter how many times you want to smash your television in, threaten never to vote again due to the ads, and just get sick and tired of the hype, you vote, it works, and we keep on keeping on.

We are reminded that, after some partying, drowning our sorrows, or bitching, the country will continue.  Politicians will be corrupt.  Some will be great.  There will be a few states’ persons.  Big donors will rise and fall.  Money comes and goes.  Political hopes are crushed, new stars are born.  It is a rite of passage as important as opening day in baseball.

What comes next is going to be fun.  When tea party idiot Republicans win big, they become daffy.  And, now, let the punditry   begin.  I’ll probably do mine for Thursday.  Right now we chill, finish the pop-corn, maybe curse a little, or celebrate, then normal people give it up for awhile.  Those of us who are junkies are ready to start playing tomorrow.  Two years from now we will be dealing with a new POTUS.  I have no earthly idea who she will be.

Golly, I love this stuff!