The Timing of the Crosby Scandal Is Interesting


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.02.58 AMOn Thursday, another woman surfaced saying that, back in 1976 Bill Cosby gave her pills, then raped her.  When she though she was pregnant, she stayed at his penthouse for several weeks?  Therese Serignese lived with him for several weeks and continued having sex with him.  At what point does one say, enough already – yet?    NONE of these charges are new.  None of them have gone away.  Frankly, some are suspect, but others aren’t.  There are no police reports.  The vast majority of women who have experienced a sexual assault do not report it to the cops.  As degrading and humiliating and soul killing the assault is, the police process can be even worse.

First things first, years ago, Bill Cosby settled out of court, on allegations of sexual misconduct.  There are any number of reasons for settling out of court, but it is also tantamount to an admission of guilt, without admitting guilt. Since that time, something like 15 women have come forward with much the same story.  When alleged supermodel Janice Dickenson does the same, well, that just puts it into perspective for me.  She would accuse Pope Francis of fathering a two headed love-child if she thought it would garner her another fifteen seconds of fame.Fortunately, we all know that women who accuse men of rape never lie, and men who deny being rapists also never tell the truth.  It’s that simple.  The quickest way to destroy a man’s reputation, this day and age, is to accuse him of being a rapist.  It’s much better than an accusation of pedophile.  The public doesn’t give a damn about pedophiles as long as they are cute, white, adorable, young, and pretty.  It also depends on who is being accused.  In 2010 former Vice President Al Gore was accused of rape.  Not much came out of it.  After all, he’s rich and white, and the women accusing him were massage therapists, just asking for it.  At least a police report was filed in the Gore case.

Nearly a century ago, back in the community in South Carolina where I was raised (I am originally from Florida), one Easter Sunday morning, two young white women accused a black man of attacking them. By the end of the day, every black family in the community had been terrorized, burned out, and forced to leave the little town.  Something like 20 black men were taken out on a bridge over the Tugalo River and murdered.  This happened in Fair Play, SC. To this day, you will NOT find the incident in any history book.  It was completely covered up, like it never happened.

The most effective way, for centuries, in this country, for a black man to be destroyed was for a white woman to accuse him of rape.  No trial, no investigation, no arrest, just the end of a rope.  After all, black men rape white women.  No matter that white men rape black women.  That’s a matter of racial privilege, right?

When is it about race, and when it is about rape, and when is it about both?  Well, this time it is.  It is not the fact that Bill Cosby is a sleaze, a jerk, and quite possibly a criminal.  If the man did what they say he did, and I have no reason to doubt many of the women (Janice Dickenson excluded), then he deserves his fate.  I’m not questioning that, at all.  I’m questioning the timing of it all.  It is rather ironic that we’re waiting for the grand jury’s findings from Ferguson.  Is this a lesson that you just can’t trust black men?  If Al Sharpton weren’t taking a tax accusation hit, I would not be as suspicious.  But, I am.

Men like this deserve their fate.  They deserve to have some sort of really nasty malady hit them where they think, the heart and soul of their very being.  Without being crude, there are certain things which happen to men, certain diseases which render men basically ‘less’ than men.  It may be the closest thing to the trauma, heart-ache, and emotional suffering they inflict on others that they will ever know.

We’re dealing with Hollywood. He can get away with it, and will, eventually.  Bill Cosby’s main problem is that he chose his victims most unwisely.  Had he preyed on innocent children, and been ‘iconic’ no one would even care.Maybe it isn’t about race, at all, but karma.