The GOP & Their Anti-Immigration Hissy Fit


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.43.57 PMThe Urban Dictionary defines a hissy fit as an unreasonable emotional out burst or an adult temper tantrum.  “What they all have in common or severe the alleged offense, there is always some wounded pride involved, and usually an audience of bystanders along with the culprit who allegedly triggered the hissy fit.”  Yep, that just about describes what is going on with the GOP.  A couple weeks ago, they blew Barack Obama out of the water, allegedly laming his duck, ruining his legacy, destroying his presidency, and doing everything but running him out of town in a moving van, vacating the White House so that Charles & David Koch could waltz in and measure for new drapes, confident that their hand-picked choice would rule, supreme, in a couple years.  Obama had become a useless appendage.  Just stick a fork in him, he was done.

“…Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-MN: Before Obama’s announcement Thursday, Bachmann told reporters that the White House would bring in “millions” of “illiterate” immigrants who would end up as voters. She didn’t stop there, however, but went on to deride the “social cost” of “millions of unskilled, illiterate, foreign nationals coming into the United States who can’t speak the English language.” When asked by reporters why she described immigrants as “illiterate,” Bachmann replied, “I’m not using a pejorative term against people who are non-American citizens. I’m only repeating what I heard from Hispanic Americans down at the border.” She also said newly protected immigrants would lead to widespread voter fraud, another right-wing fantasy not supported by factual evidence….”

Then… oh well, I love politics.  One of the reasons I love politics is how quickly it can change.  One minute you’re up, the next down, the next in ruins, and the next they are accusing you of being an emperor.  The problem with irrational hissy fitting adults is they don’t realize how stupid they look and sound.

Let’s start with Sheriff Joe:

“…Arpaio announced today that he would be suing the administration, telling a local TV station that, “This is going to open the door. Everybody in Mexico, Central America, thinks they will have a free pass when they come into our country because of what the president is issuing.” Arpaio is a prominent birther who was found by state law enforcement agencies to have failed to investigate hundreds of sex crimes and is subject to an independent monitor after a federal judge determined that his office racially profiled Latinos….”

The most fun, let’s face it, is on Fox & Friends, when Tucker Carlson had a hissy-fit because Barack Obama became repugnant by quoting scriptures and thereby implying that God was on his side when everyone knows God is the personal and private property of the viewers and management of FOXNews.

“…“Scripture tells us that we shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger — we were strangers once, too,” the president said Thursday night. “My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too.”

On Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson accused the president of using the Biblical quotations to prove that “God is on [his] side.” “It’s repugnant,” Carlson said, “for this guy specifically, the president who spent his career defending late-term abortion, among other things, lecturing us on Christian faith? That’s too much. That is too much. This is the Christian left at work, and it’s repugnant.”  “To quote scripture?” he added, “that’s out of bounds.”

“He’s using it to guilt someone into” supporting immigration reform, Elisabeth Hasselbeck replied. “That’s not what the scholars behind the Bible would interpret as proper use.”…”

Right Wing Watch
Right Wing Watch

Jeff Sessions has ‘ruled’ out impeachment of Barack Obama after his imperial decree of offering what is NOT amnesty for about five million poor souls lost in legal immigration limbo, and the promise of keeping numerous families united. Unfortunately, evidently family values works only for those who are ‘legal’ and not those who are less fortunate than the stalwarts of the family values party.  They just don’t like those who aren’t here ‘legally’ and not following the law to have family values.  The thought of this is rather humorous, as are the minions of the anti-immigration puppet-masters.  They just want those here illegally to obey the laws of the land.  I guess it’s the same way they think it is okay for the GOP to be controlled by a bunch of libertarian billionaires.  After all, they are obeying the law of the land, thus spake the Supreme Court of the Land.

The one salient moral in this is that only conservative, Christian, far right politicians and FOXNews are allowed to quote scripture and ‘own’ God.  No one else is allowed, especially irrational and liberal presidents who dare go against the talking points of the Heritage Foundation.