Black Friday, Thanksgiving & Progressive Hysteria


Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.59.51 PMTo begin with, in all honesty, I dislike Thanksgiving.  I think it is joke.  It is an expensive, miserable excuse of a way for people to stuff their faces and let everyone else do the dirty work. I never have liked it and never will.  My idea of a perfect Thanksgiving is like the one I had this year.  I slept all day, then had a cheese sandwich for my Thanksgiving dinner.  Now that my dislike of Thanksgiving is out in the open, I will also state, up front, that, when I owned a retail shop, I always opened Thanksgiving afternoon for about 3 hours or so, for open house.  My business was a good 20 minutes from any other retail establishment. Women would drive as far as 100 miles to be there that afternoon.  None of my ’employees’ most of whom worked a few hours a week for merchandise at a 20% discount would even consider missing the day.  They were always able to get out of cooking and cleaning.  That was the whole reason behind it.  There are a heck of a lot of women out there who don’t exactly enjoy the whole kitchen serf scene.   (This was in the late 1980s and early 1990s and I paid $8-10/hour).

The War on Thanksgiving hype is to progressives what the War on Christmas is to conservatives.  It is a joke.  Don’t get me wrong, I never miss an opportunity to bash Walmart. I never have and I never will.  I just find it disingenuous for people to suddenly discover that there are businesses which open on Thanksgiving day, and pay low wages.  Those same jobs are there, every other day of the week.  Progressive family values state that people don’t want to work Thanksgiving Day, to be with their families.  Well, there are a heck of a lot of us out there who would much rather work (and have worked) than deal with the whole Thanksgiving family orgy scene.  These are the same people who don’t complain about the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Easter, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, or even Christmas.  But, they lose their minds over Thanksgiving.


Also, how many of these people are going to go to a movie on Thanksgiving night or weekend?  The people who work in theaters are minimum wage, but I guess they don’t think about that, do they?

Having worked in retail as both a business owner and low-wage employee in a department store, trust me, Black Friday and that weekend are far worse.  It was miserable.  I hated every minute of it.  I try to avoid shopping on those days.

Funny how the same people who complain about those working in retail over the holidays don’t mind the fact that they are working in sports venues, as first responders, hospitals, or the travel industry.  I guess it’s just a matter of perspective and values.