Warren Makes Her Move?


Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 11.29.55 PMDuring the election cycle of 2008, the Mitten’s Minions, the dogged men and women who had sold their souls not only to Mitt Romney but the Brother’s Koch, made Elizabeth Warren public enemy number one.   I started the year as a die-hard Republican, fondly supporting Newt Gingrich.  I couldn’t stomach Mitt Romney, no matter how hard I tried.  Funny thing about that, when those of us who were GOP refused to support him, we ended up losing numerous friends.  It was just plain strange.  One of the things that caused me to start questioning what was going on, and their tactics were the irrational attacks on Elizabeth Warren, who was then running against Scott Brown, in Massachusetts.  Like everyone else I knew, I was supporting Brown.  Then the attacks on Warren’s background and her character began.  They were disgusting enough, and mendacious enough for me to start questioning those making them.  Those attacks were the beginning of the end for me and the GOP.

The attacks were so nasty, I began questioning the reason for them.  It became quite obvious Elizabeth Warren had the potential to be the GOP’s worst nightmare.  If Hillary Clinton is nominated, I’ll support her.  If Elizabeth Warren decides to run, I will pour out my heart and soul to get this woman nominated, then elected POTUS. I soon discovered that she had something in common with me.  She started out life as a Republican, but could no longer stomach their monetary policies.  The woman became one of the few people to have the courage to speak out against the banking industry, and what they were doing to we the little people.  Contrary to the vile things the right was saying about her, I soon discovered the woman is far from a socialist or a communist.  She is just the tonic this nation needs.  Ergo – they needed to destroy her, before she became ‘important’.


It looks like they may have failed.  Over the weekend, Elizabeth Warren appears to have found her voice, opened her mouth, and appears to have begun to strike terror in the hearts of those who only care about the ultra wealthy.  She opposes a banking friendly agenda written by bankers for bankers, and voted on by those in the House and Senate who are bought and paid for by those very same bankers.

“...Mr. President, I’m back on the floor to talk about a dangerous provision that was slipped into a must-pass spending bill at the last minute to benefit Wall Street. This provision would repeal a rule called, and I’m quoting the title of the rule, “PROHIBITION AGAINST FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS OF SWAPS ENTITIES.”

On Wednesday, I came to the floor to talk to Democrats, asking them to strip this provision out of the omnibus bill and protect taxpayers.

On Thursday, I came to the floor to talk to Republicans. Republicans say they don’t like bailouts either. So I asked them to vote the way they talk. If they don’t like bailouts, then they could take out this provision that puts taxpayers right back on the hook for bailing out big banks.

Today, I’m coming to the floor not to talk about Democrats or Republicans, but about a third group that also wields tremendous power in Washington: Citigroup.
Mr. President, in recent years, many Wall Street institutions have exerted extraordinary influence in Washington’s corridors of power, but Citigroup has risen above the others. Its grip over economic policymaking in the executive branch is unprecedented….”

They say this is Warren’s moment.  I hope so.  They say the middle class is lost.  I have this terrible feeling it is, as we the little people turn into a nation of serfs, doing the bidding of the over-lords, in a perversion of what this nation was to be.  If you start scanning the headlines, it becomes apparent the right, and some of the Dems are terrified of Warren, and the possibility that she has finally decided to run.  No, she doesn’t have the name recognition, but she has so many things going for her including the fact that she lacks Hillary Clinton’s baggage.  If she continues making speeches like she has the past few days, and uses that as a launching point for an agenda aimed at we the little people, the woman has a fighting chance – I hope.