Terror, Domestic Violence & Fake Faith


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.06.54 PMAs I write this, on the news, everyone is discussing the tragic hostage situation in Australia.  About the time of the tragic resolution we learned of a monster in Pennsylvania, who slaughtered his ex-wife and family.  Haron Monis was out on bail, not considered a threat to the community, even though he had been implicated in the murder of his wife.  Funny how that goes.  Evidently murdering one’s wife, and allegedly having been accused of something like 40 sex offenses is not a threat to the community.   He may have committed upward of 50 sexual assaults, but was not a threat to the community.  Bradley William Stone is a former Marine.  Both he and Monis were/are very bad men.

Monis has been declared a terrorist because of his religion, Islam.  Because Stone is not Islamic, he is not considered a terrorist, but a very bad man with nothing to lose.  The ironic part of this is that is exactly what Monis is, a very bad man with nothing to lose.  If Monis had been of a religion other than Islam, I suspect he would have the same classification.  But, because he claims to be Islamic, his actions have been defined as ‘Islamic’ terror.

Both were very bad men.  The problem here is, because of Monis’ religion, no one dared admit he was not an ‘Islamic’ terrorist and just a very bad man.  That doesn’t fit the right agenda.  For some strange reason, the world would rather deal with terrorists than they would domestic violence.  Monis was implicated in the murder of his wife, yet a judge let him out on bond because he posed no harm to the community.

In other words, domestic violence is not as important as terrorism.  A man can rape upward of 50 women and not be considered a danger to the community.  He can be implicated in the murder of his wife, but not a danger to the community.  Far more women will lose their lives to domestic violence than humanity as a whole, to terror (unless something truly catastrophic happens).  Strange how that works.  Victims of domestic violence are not as important as alleged terrorists.

Where is the outrage over a man being released on bond, after participating in the murder of his wife?

We live in a strange world.

Evidently Australia is one of those countries where domestic violence is not much of a crime.