Monsters and Saints


Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.36.04 PMPope Francis might be the most important person in the world, and the most powerful, and rightly that he should be.  The man is almost a saint.  He has taken the concept of love, and basically become humanity’s enforcer.  He understands love.  When someone understands love, they can literally change the world.  Unfortunately, he is not the most powerful person in the United States.  That dubious honor now goes to North Korean dictator Kim Jung-um, who is a perfect example of human excretia.

The inbred little toad might be a complete genetic freak, a monster, pervert, and not all that bright, but he now controls artistic expression in this country.  Hollywood has surrendered to cyber-terror.   Now, a second picture has been shelved.  No one wants to upset the little toadEvidently he is far more powerful than people want to think he is, and are willing to cower at his feet.  It’s a little strange to me.  Like Rob Lowe said, if Sony had run WWII, Hitler would have won.  Of course he would have.  Sony is a Japanese based entity, which is the real problem here.  They are within striking distance of the little turd’s missiles.

On the other hand, Pope Francis is driving the far religious right up a wall.  Pardon me while I enjoy it.  It is a juxtaposition of the good and the bad, the saint and the monster.   The pope is trying to reconcile two nations, and bring about not only national and international healing, but will be reuniting families and friends long lost.  It is an act of pure goodness.

What has happened in this country, by Sony bowing to terror is that our very artistic freedom is now at risk. From this day on, no matter what we write or produce, the powers that be are going to weight it against the bottom line of financial terror.   The saint and the monster, both of whom have made impressions on our world today, have changed so many things.  One is for the good, the other is for the bad.