I’m Tired of Being Outraged


Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 12.40.12 PMIs it possible 2014 will go down as the Year of Outrage?  So far, 2015 doesn’t seem to be much better.  Let’s face it, outrage is alive and well here in this country.

Having been privileged to be able to look at politics from both sides, both left and right, I think I can safely say that neither party nor ideology has a monopoly on outrage. Let’s be honest here, both sides have produced idiots.  They’re both good at outrage, be it left or right, conservative or liberal, rich, poor, black, white, and so forth and so on.  I wish I knew which side was worse, but I’m beginning to suggest a pox on both their houses.

Evidently Chris Christie is now in trouble because of the Dallas Cowboys.  Does anyone really care?  It is the outrage of the moment, or was the other day.  I’m not getting it, but then again, I’m sick of stupid.  I’m tired of being required to be outraged about certain things because I voted a certain way.  Let’s not refuse to travel to a place because of a stand on (insert issue).  It gets old, annoying, and counter-productive.  After awhile, those doing all the protesting, and being constantly outraged begin to look foolish.

It’s like the outrage against the most recent deaths of individuals at the hands of out of control cops.  The way the issue is being presented, it is almost a ‘minority’ issue, when it is something that should concern everyone.  Everyone is so busy pontificating and protesting that no one is coming up with a very real plan of action.  You go after the district attorneys and prosecutors who let cops get away with what they do – the tough on crime crowd.  Until an very real effort is made to unseat these people, absolutely nothing is going to change, no matter how many protests, die ins, drop ins and outs, and so forth and so on.  It doesn’t make any difference.  When people go into an area to protest, it isn’t helping.  They don’t live there, they don’t vote there.  They go on to another issue.

FYI:  A group of protestors comes into a restaurant where I’m paying good money for a meal and I call the cops.  If I own a business and protestors harass me, when I’ve done nothing wrong, I call the cops.  Guess what, business owners do have some rights.  But – it’s all about the outrage.

If you support liberal causes, you are to hate Christians.  I loath what the far right is doing to faith, and I’ve been writing a heck of a lot about it.  They are an embarrassment.  But – the way the left is handling it is truly becoming an attack on my freedom of religion.

The new mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, is a liberal bust-head.  There are certain people who are liberals who are absolute bust-heads, just like there are certain conservatives who are so conservative and so libertarian they’re the same way.  They don’t use their head, and don’t think.  The mess in NYC is the mayor’s fault, but evidently liberals must support him because he’s liberal.  I’m tired of liberals and I’m tired of conservatives.

We have lives.  It is nice to embrace causes.  It keeps the brain cells working.  But, enough is enough.  I’ve noticed that my Twitter feed and my Tweets are not what they once were.  I’m tired of constantly harping on a subject. Why bother?  Maybe I’m just not as dedicated to a cause as I should be, or maybe I just have other things I need to do.

It could also be that there is so much outrage, it has become outrageous to the point of abject insanity.  Oh, and today’s outrage is over the 2015 MLB Hall of Fame voting.  I’m happy.  John Smoltz made it.  I’d be happier if Tim Raines were there, but he’ll get there.