One Person’s Blasphemy Is Another Person’s Freedom of Speech?


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 5.29.00 PMOne of the classic scenes from Star Wars – the first one, was when C3PO was playing some form of chess with Chewbacca.  When 3PO protested that no one bothered about letting a droid win, Han Solo said that was because droids don’t pull people’s arms out when they lose.  3PO then told R2 to let the Wookie win.  In a way, this appears to be the new approach to Islamic terror by the Administration, to the point where our service personnel are now being told not to mention they are in the military on their social networks.

We’ve let the Wookie win. Granted, I have no problem with Wookies, and would love to have one.  I don’t want to insult Wookies by comparing them to insane terrorists, but it is a metaphor.  We allowed the terrorists to win, nearly 14 years ago when we began to allow our basic freedoms to be eroded in order to keep us ‘safe’.  I believe it was the old reprobate Ben Franklin who said that any people who allow their freedoms to be sacrificed for security deserve neither.  In this country, we are gradually losing both our freedom and our security.

Much is being made of the Obama Administration’s almost incoherent attempt to state that there is a difference between those who follow the religion of Islam and those who claim to be “Islamic” terrorists.  They do not want the terrorists spoken of as “Islamic” because that helps to enrage those who have been radicalized, and gives them a reason to attack anyone who disagrees with their current extremism de jour. What is being practiced by advocates of violence is a corruption of Islam.  It is also a sad commentary when you have an entire group of people so hyper-sensitive they must be catered to, no matter what.

Mustafa Akyol has a must read NYTimes column about Islam, blasphemy and images of the various prophets:  According to Akyol:

“...Mockery of Muhammad, actual or perceived, has been at the heart of nearly all of these controversies over blasphemy. This might seem unremarkable at first, but there is something curious about it, for the Prophet Muhammad is not the only sacred figure in Islam. The Quran praises other prophets — such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus — and even tells Muslims to “make no distinction” between these messengers of God. Yet for some reason, Islamist extremists seem to obsess only about the Prophet Muhammad…”

And then…this:

NY Times
NY Times

This is what I find fascinating, and this is where extremist practitioners of Islam have a tremendous amount in common with the practitioners of the Bill Gothard/R. J. Rushdoony version of Christianity.  They pick and choose what should and shouldn’t be taught, changing the message, turning those who have changed the message into cult leaders.  When you create a cult, you automatically set the stage for the possibility of extremism and violence.  Anytime you deviate into something which delves into extremism, it becomes a game of personalities.  It also becomes a way for people to exercise their personality disorders. Yes, normal and rational people are often pulled into these practices.

Perhaps what we should be doing is not calling them Islamic, but psychopath terrorists.  No sane and rational person can do what these individuals have done.  It takes someone who no longer has a soul, a monster to slaughter innocent innocent men, women, and children to avenge someone who had been dead and buried for nearly two thousand years.  This is NOT about Islam.  The Obama Administration is 100% correct about that.  This is about evil, pure and simple.  The problem is people don’t like to call something ‘evil’.

The same individuals who are so adamant in putting a politically correct spin on just what to call these individuals, and are quite rightly stating that they have nothing to do with the Islamic faith, have no problem what-so-ever damning all Christians for the absurd insanity and heresy of someone who follows Bill Gothard or R.  J. Rushdoony.  It’s starting to annoy me, just a little.  What normal Christians believe has absolutely nothing to do with the cult created by these two seriously disturbed psychopathic narcissists. I don’t understand why more Christians do not speak out against these cults, then it dawned on me, even I did not understand what they were until about 2 years ago. If someone like myself, well educated, a person of faith, who has spent years being plugged into the ‘system’ did not realize what was going on, how can I accuse the ‘normal’ practitioner of Islam of doing anything any different. I suspect we are dealing with the very same thing.  When individuals like Mustafa Akyol figure out about their religion what I did about mine, they are as quick to denounce what is going on as I am.

What a bloody mess. Andrew Sullivan wrote:

“…Then the deeper disappointment. Even now, many will not concede that religion was the root cause of the attack, and that the name of that religion is Islam. Reading the cartoonishly liberal Nick Kristof was like watching a Monty Python Piranha Brothers sketch (see above). Yeah, they have murdered thousands of Westerners and far larger numbers of Middle Eastern and Nigerian and Pakistani Muslims. Yeah, they did that. They also declared at every one of their slaughters that their motivation is Islam. They have beheaded people, mass murdered school children, flown planes into buildings, cut women’s genitals, employ sex slaves, commit mass rape, and on and on. They have taken over a large part of the Iraqi and Syrian deserts to advance their desire for religious purity.

But Islam has nothing to do with this. There are just a few loonies who are suffering from false consciousness, and their real motivations are economic or personal or secular or just purely violent. You can believe that, if you want. Or you can pretend to believe it because it might be more pragmatic to do so. Or you can open your eyes. This is not to say that most Muslims support this kind of mass murder – and the global Muslim response was particularly encouraging. But it is to say that it is not a coincidence that so much terror and violence all over the world is currently being committed in the name of Islam. Some core parts of it are, quite simply, incompatible with post-Enlightenment thought and practice. And those parts have all the energy right now….”

The reason it’s okay to tar and feather all Christians as being part of the same is the fact that we’re like c3PO.  We don’t pull people’s arms out when we’re insulted. In other words, it’s okay to slam those of us who are civilized because we’re bright enough to know the difference between reality and insanity.

Frankly, I think we’re screwed.