The Great Vaccine Debate


Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.19.29 PMI have no children, so I don’t have a real position here.  I suspect, though, if I did, I would err on the side of caution, and begin asking a heck of a lot of questions about the vaccines which were being downloaded into my infant.  It isn’t because I’m an anti-vax person, but because I question everything medical.  I don’t blindly accept medical opinions, or worship at the altar of big medicine.  The more I know about life, the more I think there are alternatives.  For myself, my personal choices, I avoid anything medical like the plague.  The last time I went to a doctor was when I broke my elbow – in 2005.  My mother forced an ER visit on me, positive I was having a heart attack.  I spent several thousand dollars on tests and specialists only to be told that I was overweight, needed to have gastric bypass surgery. Oh, and I have one of those systems where I have tachycardia when I am dehydrated, and when I’m dealing with acid reflux.  Why, I asked, did I need elective surgery which is one of the deadliest elective surgeries there is, I asked?  Well, I was told I could die because I’m obese.  My blood pressure is fairly normal.  I’m not a diabetic.  I’m not even pre-diabetic.  I’d love to have a hysterectomy.  Oh, and gastric bypass surgery would help my attitude on life.  (FYI:  The one person I know who had the surgery has lost several hundred pounds.  Her health is shattered.  Her skin is a mess, old and dry.  She is constantly dehydrated.  Before her surgery, she was quite healthy.  I doubt if she will survive five more years.  Why would I want to cut my life expectancy because I’m not thin?)

End of rant.

Liberals love to damn parents who don’t want their children vaccinated, saying they’re basically stupid, anti-science libertarians.  Once upon a time, it was a liberal issue. Strange thing that.  By not having their children vaccinated, they are endangering the lives of other children – the ones who have been vaccinated.  I’m trying to figure that one out, trust me.  If you’ve had your little monster vaccinated, why the heck are they endangered by the other little monster who isn’t?  Sorry, but that argument doesn’t work.

The new poster mother for the movement to vaccinate, uses the death of her child as an example why children must be vaccinated.  She waited five years, and numerous miscarriages to have her daughter, who was born premature, on Christmas Eve.  Small and fragile for her age, they took her home, so that, on around the 29th or so, they put this brand new infant on the floor, in front of their Christmas tree, to pose for photos with another child – who had a cough.  The infant died on New Year’s Day, from whooping cough.   The CDC called to tell the woman that is how her child died.  The vaccine for the disease is given at two months, at the earliest.

Let’s use some logic here.  The incubation period for whooping cough – Pertussia – is anywhere from seven to ten days, and as long as twenty-one days.  Some say it is five days.  The infant was born on the 24th of December, at night.  She was dead eight days later, having exhibited symptoms of the disease on the 30th of December.  The parents exposed her to a child, with a cough, when she was just a few days old.  Can I stop and say that was abjectly stupid?  You don’t let people near a newborn for a good week or so.  Their little immune systems need at least that.

Even more, the person who gets it, must have direct contact by droplets from the nose and throat of an individual who has it.  One day is NOT enough time for the disease to incubate in a person.  One day was not enough time for the disease to show up, at all.  Today, it is recommended that a pregnant woman be vaccinated for the disease during her third trimester.  The mother of the dead infant did not even know what whooping cough was!

Even better, the infant was probably infected – NOT by the vaccinated child, because boosters are needed every the to fifteen years – which explains why so many adults have the disease.  No, not because of anti-vaxxers, but because they need a booster, like typhoid.  But wait….there’s more.

“...Chavez and others attribute the current whooping cough epidemic to its three-to five-year cycle and a corresponding use of “acellular” pertussis vaccines, which cause fewer reactions than the whole-cell vaccines that preceded them. But they don’t protect as long, lasting only three to five years.

The disease may also have spread in some areas because some Californians have chosen not to get vaccines for themselves or children because of religious or personal beliefs.

A state law that took effect on Jan. 1, however, requires parents who exclude their children from immunization requirements to submit a signed statement that they received information about the risks and benefits of vaccines from a health care professional.

Leung said one reason for the preponderance of pertussis cases among teens may be linked to those about to start seventh grade who have not received a vaccine. For older teens, he said, it may be because their seventh-grade vaccine has worn off.

Dr. Scott Morrow, San Mateo County’s health officer, said that “it’s helpful” that many teenagers are out of school and “not in larger congregate settings where it can spread faster.” But Morrow noted that many students are attending summer school or camps.

When a case is reported to his department, he said, the person is removed immediately from their school or camp. And anyone who has had contact with that individual is checked for their vaccine history because pertussis “can go like wildfire” if the kids are not vaccinated, he said….”

Yep, the epidemic is NOT caused by the anti-vaxers.  But – there is an interesting link between autism in some boys and the Hep B vaccine.  Studies state, according to the CDC, that there is no link between autism and infant vaccines.  The problem is, autism is, they have now proven, genetic.  No studies have been done to even disprove if there is a link between the genetic factor and the administration of this specific vaccine. If there was a hint of autism or behavioral problems which are genetic, I’d be the first in line, not to have my child vaccinated. I’m not interested in the “causing” link.  I’m interested in the “triggering” link – which has not been fully studied.

Vaccines may include:

  • Preservatives and Stabilizars
  • Thimersol (today only the flu vaccine contains this item)
  • Formidehyde
  • Adjuvants
  • Egg Protein

I’m not sold on a child being vaccinated for Hep B at such a young age, anyway.  It’s not the kind of thing you are going to go around contracting, all that easily. As far as mumps, measles, rubella, whooping cough, you bet they should be. Same thing is true with diphtheria and tetanus.

One of my major concerns about the war on anti-vaxers is that it is being led by the lovely skeptics of Rational Wiki.  Trust me, these are not nice people.  They claim to be great advocates for science, but only their version.  They literally hate religion and anyone who considers themselves religious, no matter what their faith.  What  you need to know about the lovely folks at Rational Wiki is they don’t think there is much to worry about when it comes to pedophiles.  I have a real problem with these people.

We also need to take into account the fact that those who slam the anti-vaxers are the same individuals who say there is no such thing as chronic Lyme Disease.  There is also quite a bit of evidence that the CDC is downplaying the entire problem with Lyme disease.  If the CDC is duplicitous in dealing with Lyme – for a very good reason, I think, then how can you trust their stance on infant vaccinations?   And – the Lyme disease link is financial.