I’m Sick of Liberals, Conservatives & Intellectual Dishonesty


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.43.57 PMMinions of the far right are bullies, plain and simple.  Trust me, I’ve spent the past decade or so, being attacked by them.  I’m not good enough, nor do I measure up to their increasingly irrational standards.  I thought I enjoyed being around liberals, but I’ve discovered that liberals can be just as nasty as bullies as are conservatives.  Libertarians are even nastier.  So are irate evangelicals, atheists with an agenda, climate bullies, anti-immigration bigots, pro-lifers, tea party patriots, anti-government activists, nut cases of many ilks, the food police, certain race-bating activists,  and so forth and so on.  In other words, anyone can become a bully.  They all get old, fast.

Let’s add anyone with a little bit of knowledge and expertise in any subject, and you get a good idea of just how annoying the world can be. The other day I read an article by a pediatrician slamming individuals who have post-Lyme Disease, and chronic Lyme disease.  He says it doesn’t exist.  He’s a pediatrician, not a disease specialist, but his article was featured on a prominent site.  It’s like this, I know differently.  I have a young friend who is suffering, horribly from the disease.  I started doing a little research, and noticed that the CDC is only now being forced to admit they have downplayed the seriousness of the disease.

I’m sick of being bullied by self-righteous atheists who have a distinct hatred toward Christianity.  There is a difference between them, and intellectually honest atheists who truly believe what they believe, and don’t try to take a person apart, or ridicule them for having a faith.

Then there is what must not be said, or it will cause me to be branded as a racist.  Most cops are good. The vast majority of cops are good.  There are a few bad one show give them all a bad name.  The same thing holds true for people of all races.  We all have agendas.  Everyone does. Anyone who says they aren’t is lying.  There are young black men who are evil – not many, but there are a few.  When it is obvious that good cops are doing their job, why try destroying them?  Something I really don’t get here is the fact that all the outrage seems to be against cops.  If people truly want to change the system, make it fair – and it isn’t – they need to target DAs and prosecutors. They need to vote.  There is something truly tawdry about obnoxious twits going from one cause to another – to see and be seen. You want to change the system – VOTE!

Aren’t you getting sick and tired of the hype about Chris Kyle’s life?  The man did a soul-sucking job.  The far right is making a mistake about worshiping him.  The left is making a bigger mistake by trying to destroy him.  What is truly tragic is that they appear to be making light of PTSD.  If a person served in active duty in the war and want to take Kyle apart, fine.  If they haven’t been there, then shut up about it.

One of the things that caused me to turn on the GOP is their never-ending attack machine.  Barack Obama is not the enemy.  He’s a decent man, doing his best to do what is right. Yes, I’ve changed.  I began changing when I refused to indulge in the constant hatred both parties have for one another.  It is destroying the country, turning us into a joke.   It isn’t necessary for all of us to get along, but we do need to treat one another decently.

I am a political animal. I no longer belong – anywhere.  As far as the upcoming political season, I don’t know what I’m going to do. When you have a friend who is thinking about running for office, you don’t like seeing that person trashed – no matter what the party. I’ll probably support him – not that he has a snowball’s chance in hell.  But, he’s my friend. When I do, I will be damned by the left and damned by the right. It reminds me of something that went down on Twitter last night.  I was going back and forth with someone about raising the minimum wage.  His comment was, now that the GOP is in office, forget it.  I told him that states and municipalities had the option of doing it on their own.  He said that it was obvious they wouldn’t do it in Red States.  I told him that, shockingly, more Red States had their citizens vote to raise the minimum wage than Blue States did.  I also suggested he look it up – because I did not have the time.

These blanket pronouncements are what truly annoy me.  The average person is neither right nor left. We have issues which may be both right and left. I lean left when it comes to human services, housing, public assistance, food stamps, immigration, and human rights.  I also prefer Elizabeth Warren’s agenda.  I am Neocon, a  national security wonk who basically feels we need to start butting out of everyone’s life, overseas, an pursue a human right’s based agenda, helping those who are unable to help themselves.  People who have clean water, enough food, decent shelter, medical assistance, and an opportunity for education tend to make more responsible national decisions.

I suspect my political affiliation is based on the Sermon on the Mount.  It works for me.