Android vs. Apple


Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.08.29 AMApproximately 3 years ago I made the mistake of buying a Galaxy Tab 7 from Verizon.  I needed a cellular wi-fi hub, no understanding that I could use my wi-fi hotspot on my iPhone 4.  No one at Verizon even told me about it.  So, I shelled out about $450 for a basically useless Android system.  It was worthless when surfing.  The built in wi-fi did not work.  I was also stuck shelling out about $50 bucks a month to pay for the connection.  It reached the point the only thing I used it for was as a Kindle.  With my Amazon Kindles, I’d reached a point where I did not want an Amazon version.  There was too much control, where Amazon could go in and delete contents, at will.

At first it was okay.  Android apps are extremely limited and quirky.  But, I liked it for the way it worked with my Kindle.  Then my original iPad (which arrived the very same day they came out – period) finally quit on me.   I needed something access the photos for my fashion book.  It was a good excuse. My sister had the cutest little iPad Mini.  I wanted one, but could not afford it.  The Galaxy Tab 7 still worked – but – it was getting a little old.  The other day I finally found a good price on the iPad Mini – 16G.  Sure, I would like more storage space, but I’ll take what I can get. I finally have it set up the way I want and have about 1.7G left, so I’m happy.

For ages I’ve felt as though I’ve been living in a technology black hole, not up with the world around me.  No wonder.  I’ve been stuck with a lousy Android platform.  If you’re doing Android, and aren’t on anything Apple, I guess it’s fine, but I don’t see why.  It’s so limited.  It is like I allowed myself to be lulled into this fake sense of fake technology.  I’ve spent the day updating everything, syncing, updating to the cloud drive, and am quite happy.

Why would anyone want to waste their hard earned cash on Android?

For your Sunday edification, just a little bit of Dmitri.  That’s another thing about the Android, and also the iPhone5c, the iPad Mini has much better sound.