The Problem With Democrats & Republicans, Too


Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.48.11 PMThe GOP officially lost me with the advent of the Tea Parties. I wasn’t a happy camper before their coming, but at least there were enough of us within the party to be of like mind.  We’ve been hanging on, by our finger-nails, since 1994 and 1995, when the religious right officially took over the GOP.  It wasn’t pretty.  I was there.  I watched good, life-long Republicans be castigated, swept aside, treated like dirt because they were what Rush Limbaugh slandered as ‘Country Club Republicans’ no longer good enough to be part of the party of Reagan.  Never mind that these were the very people who worked their hearts out to get Reagan elected. They were no longer good enough.  The purge began first at the precinct level, then the county level.  They went on to the states, the RNC, and now control both houses of Congress. As the years progressed, those of us who did not go along with their agenda were pushed out of the party structure entirely.  Some, like moi, were even asked to leave our churches, because we disagreed with the ongoing political agenda.

Then came Rush Limbaugh’s culture war against the liberal culture war.  I fear that he won.  Not only has the far right become more extreme right, but the far left has become more insane left.  The more radical the left became and the more radical the right became, the crazier they became – and are still losing their minds.  The real problems is that those of us who are N – O – R – M – A – L are lost, homeless, having no base, no political home.  The worst part is we’re the vast American middle.  We are America.

Evidently we’ve lost.

I wish there was a voice of reason for those of us who no longer have a political home.  I think we’re castigated as moderates.  I don’t mind being considered a moderate.  Once upon a time, moderation was considered very much a virtue.  Today, we are considered the lowest of the low.  I read a statistic that something like 51% of us are moderate.  Why don’t we have a voice?