Confessions of a Data Hog


Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.47.53 PMWoe is me.  Once upon a time – last week, I had a working MacBook Pro 17″ with a 700GB hard drive.  It’s basically on life-support, currently unusable due to a hot battery which can damage the hard drive.  I’ve had to transfer my life to my 120GB 11″ MacBook Air.  I like the MacBook Air.  It’s quick, easy, and portable.  But – that’s a difference of 580 GB.  My 17″ was using about 590 GB.  So, 470GB is a more accurate way to look at it.  Suddenly, every little GB counts.  My 350 movies are on the Cloud, those Apple chooses to honor.  Much of my music is there.  I’ve been able to download the best of my music, and five movies.  I have my photos and all my doc files.

This would be great.  The problem, though, is when I am at my mother’s in San Patricio, I’m working off Verizon.  There is no viable internet service there.  I’d like Dish, but they are jerks when it comes to their satellite internet – so I’m stuck.  I’m truly not getting this Cloud thing.

This is where the political rant comes in to play.  Internet service in this country is disgusting.  We’re at the mercy of every little telecom.  There is no real regulation.  I am currently paying for everything Windstream can offer, locally.  Right now, I’m getting about a third of that.  My upload time is so slow, I can’t save to Carbonite.  This is so wrong.  But, like the idiots at the mercy of Comcast, what choice do I have.

I have though, made a few decisions about product.  I’m not going to go for a new MacBook Pro until they can solve the battery thing.  I like the MacBook Air.  I just wish I had a larger hard drive.

I’m currently, still backing up, and reworking my life.  I’m learning, once again, when you are dealing with a small amount of space, every little file is important.  At least I’m now up to date with product, programs, the Cloud, and renting programs instead of buying them.  It’s given me the option of getting back to Adobe ID, and hitting the fashion book.