Valentine’s Day – 1923


SCAN2992My grandparents were married on Valentine’s Day, in 1921.  My grandfather died in 1991.  My grandmother was buried on what would have been their anniversary, in 1994.  They never fought.  They rarely argued.  They were best friends, always.

Every single day of their married life, when they were together, my grandfather would go outside and pick a flower to go by my grandmother’s breakfast plate.  It was usually a hibiscus.  If flowers weren’t available, he always improvised.

They were married on Valentine’s Day.  His birthday was February 15.  Once he was no longer with us, Valentine’s Day was never the same.  Every year, from the time I was in college, the entire family would go to Florida for the birthday/anniversary.  It was a requirement, a command performance no one ever wanted to miss.

We planned our entire year around Grandy’s birthday.  Even when he was dealing with short term memory loss due to numerous TIA strokes, he had no problem focusing in on the day.  He was a little annoyed with us on his 90th.  We had a huge party, big crowd, and I think it was 5 birthday cakes, all with 90 candles – lit.  Naturally the smoke alarm went off, but that was to be expected. We thought it was hilarious!

I had the greatest grandparents ever. I was so very fortunate in that I had my grandparents with me for many years.  I was able to get to know them, as an adult.  That is a blessing and a treasure.