The Birth of a New Atheist Religion


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.54.27 PMFor the past few years, many of us who have serious problems with the abject worship of Ayn Rand and so-called Christian Conservatives who embraced her so-called economic philosophy.  It is a philosophy where good is evil, charity is only for one’s self. Mercy is not allowed.  Christians are to be denigrated and treated like dirt. While orthodox followers of Rand do not particularly like libertarians, and have nothing but contempt for them, a true libertarian worships Rand as their god.  They are some of the original tea partiers.  When you encounter them online, they are rude, threatening bullies. The object is for them to be so threatening and bullying that you will shut up and leave them alone, to control the message.

I’ve recently noticed that when one makes a comment on certain so-called ‘progressive’ or liberal sites, and mentions that you are a Christian, you are viciously attacked and bullied to the point where you no longer respond.  The people doing this are ‘atheists’.   We all know that there are good and bad people in every group, no matter who.  The real problem with atheism is that one automatically thinks about the positively vile Madalyn Murray O’Hair who had to be one of the poorest excuses of a human being since Ayn Rand.  And, no, it wasn’t because she was an atheist, but because she was a vile excuse of a human being.  Like any number of Jim & Tammie Fayes, have given Christians a bad name, she did the same for atheists.

I don’t care what a person believes.  Oh, I know, as a Christian, I am to go out and tell the world about Christ, but quite frankly, I am fairly certain most people who are in my specific sphere of influence have heard about Christ.  I have a responsibility to live what I advocate or I am intellectually dishonest.  That’s as a far as I go.  I am terribly uncomfortable preaching to people.  It just isn’t me.  I have a tendency to respect a person and what they believe, unless that person is not deserving of respect, not because of what they do or don’t believe, but because of who they are and the quality of their character.  When someone is part of a dangerous cult, that’s an entirely different thing – and yes, there are denominations and cults within Christianity that are dangerous.

The past few years, I’ve made ‘friends’ with quite a few people on Twitter who are atheists.  Almost to a person, they are nice people, at least online.  I’m learning that people who have a tendency to be polite online, are that way in ‘real’ life.  I’m also learning that many of these people believe or don’t believe because they have been subjected to spiritual abuse – by godly Christians.   Quit frankly, I find them to be nicer than most so-called godly Christians.

I could not understand why we were dealing with a certain group of bullies, until something finally clicked.  There are any number of libertarians, big-time followers of Ayn Rand, who are considered ‘new’ Atheists.  Bingo!  These are the same rude, nasty tea-partying jerks who have made themselves obnoxious – for ages.

They are also very poorly educated.  Many don’t have a very real grasp of the nuances of the English language.  Simply because they are ‘libertarian’ they are far superior to the rest of us.  Last week, I decided I was not going to be bullied, when I made a comment to an article on Alternet.  It’s quite simple.  We are in the process of watching the birth of a new religion – the church of atheism.

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, lays an egg like a duck, and swims like a duck – it’s a duck.  That’s what we have here.  They have Sunday Assembly, mega-churches, and now they even have a schismCongratulations, it’s a duck.

Quack Quack.

A new religion is being born.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair would be spinning in her grave, if indeed she had one, and they found all her missing body parts.