If This Is Any Example…We’re Screwed


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.02.22 PMUnfortunately, in this crazy, mixed up world of ours, there are narratives one is no longer allowed to mention, such as areas of Paris where Jews are not welcome.  It’s not true.  In fact, the mayor of Paris is going to file a defamation lawsuit against FAUX News for pointing this out, so gracefully, as only FOX News can do.  The problem is, it is true.  But, today, we’re not allowed to mention that there is a serious problem, a growing problem, especially in Europe, with extremist Islam. While it is quite acceptable to damn all Christians, these days, as terrorist monsters, especially here in this country, and handled so ineptly by Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, one must not mention that entire populations of individuals within Islam are becoming more and more radicalized.

We Christians, we normal Christians are screaming at the top of our lungs that this is happening to our faith, here in the US, but people don’t want to listen to us.  Currently, it appears that all the main religions of the planet are going through an era of stupidity – we all are.  One of the problems is that there is a steady narrative that radical right wing Christianity that is worse than radical Islam.  We have a serious radical right wing conservative problem in this country – but, for the most part, these people aren’t killing tens of thousands of innocent individuals.  The past few days, I’ve started looking at some of the articles damning those who say there is a problem within radical Islam.  Guess what religion they are?

There is a strange meme coming out of the the left these days.  ISIS is not about Islamic terror, but about disadvantaged youths who need jobs.  That’s not quite accurate, but, unfortunately that is exactly what some dim-wit State Department twit said Tuesday on Wolf Blitzer.  Dems are having a fit because the right is discussing it.  They should be.  I heard the entire interview.  No one could possibly be as stupid and ill informed as Marie Harf.

“…”We cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war,” she said. “We need in the medium- and longer-term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs –“…”

I heard it.  I heard her say it.  Yes, she was that stupid.  Even worse.  Blitzer gave her every opportunity to discuss the fact that the two terror incidents in Paris were connected.  She repeatedly denied that they were, despite the fact that, even before she went on the air, the connection had been confirmed.

“…When Harf appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room” Tuesday afternoon, host Wolf Blitzer gave her an opening to respond to her critics. She pointed out that she wasn’t the first person to recognize poverty as a driving force behind of violent extremism and later cited former President George W. Bush on Twitter as saying “we fight against poverty because hope is an answer to terror.” Bush made the remark at a 2002 United Nations conference in Mexico….”

Yes, she is that stupid.  And yes, I am well aware that there is a connection between poverty and extremism, but to say that is the root cause, and the war against ISIS will be won by providing opportunity for the psychopaths who flock to it is just plain – stupid.  Never mind that all of Italy is reeling over the fact that ISIS is now only about 200 miles away from them.

The Administration has a perception problem when it comes to ISIS.  Never mind that they aren’t going to get a break from the right.  They aren’t, but right now, with the growing list of gaffs, ineptness from people like Harf, and and the most incompetent Secretary of State in over a half century, well he has a problem.  Since John Kerry became Sec State, it is as though Barack Obama is incapable of making a foreign policy decision.  One of the reasons I voted for him was because of his foreign policy of his first term.  Forget that.  Let’s also face the fact that one of the reasons ISIS is now so powerful is because the Administration refused to even considering putting a check on it when they were contained in Syria, slaughtering Christians.  The narrative then was Bashar al-Assad was the true villain.  ISIS were freedom fighters.  I remember. I wrote about it then.  After all, Obama doesn’t like Vladimir Putin.  They’re involved in a male pissing contest.  Putin was containing al-Assad, and trying to do something about ISIS.  Ergo, we did not.

Heck, I agree with what the President wrote:

“…The world must continue to lift up the voices of Muslim clerics and scholars who teach the true peaceful nature of Islam. We can echo the testimonies of former extremists who know how terrorists betray Islam. We can help Muslim entrepreneurs and youths work with the private sector to develop social media tools to counter extremist narratives on the Internet.

Our campaign to prevent people around the world from being radicalized to violence is ultimately a battle for hearts and minds. We know from experience that the best way to protect people, especially young people, from falling into the grip of violent extremists is the support of their family, friends, teachers and faith leaders. At this week’s summit, community leaders from Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Boston will highlight innovative partnerships in their cities that are helping empower communities to protect their loved ones from extremist ideologies.

More broadly, groups like al Qaeda and ISIL exploit the anger that festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no chance of improving their lives. The world has to offer today’s youth something better.

Governments that deny human rights play into the hands of extremists who claim that violence is the only way to achieve change. Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies. Those efforts must be matched by economic, educational and entrepreneurial development so people have hope for a life of dignity….”

I agree 100% with what the President wrote.  The problem is that his message is being turned into farce by people like Harf and the incompetence that is John Kerry.  We have a very serious problem that is only getting worse.  This idiot so-called war Kerry is too create with Russia is a joke.  We all know the problems in the Ukraine have been made worse by Kerry’s tampering and the macho pissing contest between Obama and Putin.  They’re so busy stressing that we’re not at war with Islam, that they forget the only way to win a war against ISIS is by uniting with Russia, not fighting it in a stupid proxy war.