Polite Political Discourse: A Concept Whose Time Has Come


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.30.01 PMI quit.
I give up.
No more.
No mas!
I’m no longer part of certain forms of political discourse.
If you can’t politely criticize, then shut up.
We need to lift up, not destroy.
I reserve the right to criticize.
I refuse to be a circling vulture.

I think Rudy Giuliani did a great service to political discourse in this country. By literally stepping it, and going where he should not have gone, he showed how far we have strayed from just plain old common sense, political decency. Political discourse on both the right and the left has reached the point where it is perfectly acceptable to destroy someone else, as long as you are preaching to the choir.  A few years ago he would never have said what he did.  Today, though, no harm no foul.  The only ones  who criticizing him  in an over-the-top manner for criticizing Barack Obama just make him look better, to certain constituencies.  Nice no longer matters.  No one is going to notice nice.  We live in an era of bullies, trolls, and vicious personal attacks. If you don’t take part in one side of the other, well, forget being noticed.

In the war of words, it’s tit for tat, who flung dung, a war of words, kill or be killed, and who gives a damn how bad you hurt someone else, or how bad you ruin your own reputation.  It’s about ambush politics.  It’s about a general degradation of manners and civility in general.  The worst of it, is the fact that partisan politics have become so juvenile and childish that people forget some basic facts of life.  When attacked, people respond.  In politics, it’s rather like who came first, the chicken or the hen?

  1. The media parodied Reagan.
  2. Certain conservative factions wanted equal time.
  3. Pissed conservatives showed no restraint when attacking the Clintons.
  4. Rush Limbaugh was born.  He was originally about parody and was funny.
  5. Emboldened, the attacks on Hillary Clinton & Chelsea Clinton were over the top.
  6. When GWB became POTUS, the left counter attacked.
  7. The attacks on GWB were far worse than anything the right did to Clinton.
  8. But – the left was decent enough NOT to attack the Bush family.
  9. When Barack Obama became POTUS, the far right struck back – viciously.
  10. The next GOP POTUS will face even nastier attacks – from the left.

It is now all out political war, take no prisoners, search and destroy using a scorched earth policy.  But sides attempt to bully  opposition into submission.  The left refuses to even consider that they are somewhat responsible for the fact that there is no polite discourse in DC, because of their scorched earth policy against George W. Bush.  Yes, a portion of the attacks on Barack Obama are racial in origin, but to say that most of them are is short-sighted, and intellectually dishonest. It doesn’t matter who is the opposition POTUS.  Their character, personal life, decency, good traits, and humanity no longer matter.  It is kill and then be killed.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of it. I’m not going to participate, either way.  I will criticize, but I’m not going to destroy.  I want to reserve the right to be equally critical of both sides.  I’ve gone after the right, for years.  The hatred and insanity I’ve experienced, from the far right, is why I can no longer consider myself a Republican.  And, up front, no I’ve not switched parties.  I live in a state where there is basically one political party.  Even being registered as a Democrat is a joke.  Independents are not allowed to vote in any primary.  My preference, these days, is to be independent, primarily because I still consider myself a political moderate. Frankly, I love the freedom it gives me.

First, Barack Obama was both factually and intellectual wrong when he made statements attacking Christians at the National Prayer Breakfast.  He implied that the Crusades were started by Christians who did nothing but slaughter their way across Europe, to the Holy Lands.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  One of the interesting little things I’ve recently discovered is that it is very difficult to find any real and accurate information about the Crusades online.  Like the alleged ‘history’ of pseudo-historian David Barton,  which gobbles up factual accuracy and replaces it with an agenda, I’ve discovered the new history of the Crusades gobble up factual accuracy and replace it with an agenda that Islam is a religion of peace.

What Barack Obama said insulted me, as a Christian. I voted for him.   As a historian, who at one time specialized in the early Middle Ages, I was disgusted, and disappointed.  I have no problem pointing out the factual inaccuracies of the new fake, far right history.  I’m going to do the same here.  Events do not happen in a vacuum.  I’m tired of the lies of both the right and the left when it comes to history.   I’m also tired of being bullied by both sides when you point out their historical lies.  There is an agenda on the right, where so-called  historians are faking history.  During my research into the disappearing factual history of the Crusades, I’ve discovered the same thing is going on there. I’m also discovering the so-called ‘liberal’ attacks on Christians, favoring atheists are coming, in part, from various so-called liberal Muslims.  Yes, there is an agenda. Nature abhors a vacuum.  It is quite logical that followers of Islam would do what so-called Christians are doing when it comes to creating their own agenda.

Unfortunately, it is logical.

There is always an agenda.  That’s life.  We are being required to turn ourselves into contortionists to appease the liberal agenda, which becomes more and more outrageous by the week.  I’ve been using liberal sources since I began blogging nearly 10 years ago.  I have found them to be more accurate than those of the right.  Something has changed, probably during the past 10 months.  Those sources, many of them, are now as inaccurate as those on the right.


I’m sick and tired of it.  I no longer want any part of it.  Let’s be upfront and honest and attempt to change political discourse in this country.  Until we do, we have a total and complete mess.  I do think we moderates need to take back our message and our country. I want to be able to criticize both sides.