Has ISIS Already Won?


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 8.46.06 PMISIS is now threatening Twitter employees and executives for cracking down on their psychopathic tweets.  Golly, just the other day I blocked a person who was trying to follow me, and was tweeting gobbledygook.  He scared me just a little bit, because I am thinking this is how these jerks are doing it. When you’ve been on Twitter long enough, you know what to look for with people.  This bothered me.  I blocked and reported him. I try to police my Twitter followers because bad things happen.  I’m thinking this is how they operate.

They say, in North Korea, the quickest way to be executed is to dare be a comedian and make fun at the dear leader.  Despots and dictatorships cannot tolerate humor.  They can’t tolerate freedom of speech, but their tolerance of humor is even less.  Evidently, here in the US, humor is no longer to be tolerated, if it were to upset ISIS.  CNN was terribly upset about it Monday morning.  Evidently it was in bad taste and should not have been broadcast.

“…Rather than waging another futile conflict and risking a new and improved terrorist threat a decade from now (ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda), we should analyze how Mel Brooks uses satire to mock Hitler and antisemitism. From History of the World to Springtime for Hitler, one of the greatest mass murderers in history is reduced to a figure skater and the Spanish Inquisition is turned into an irreverent musical. Satire and comedy take the luster off savagery. This is why Hitler rapping or screaming “Heil myself!” is so funny. It’s also why people getting tortured in History of the World’s Spanish Inquisition scene is so amusing.

This strategy will also work against ISIS. Satire can destroy the foundations of terrorist recruitment methods since it unmasks the insanity of zealotry. Laughter doesn’t work well when convincing anther human being to strap a bomb and commit suicide. The more people laughing at ISIS, the less it will be able to market itself as the defender of a warped interpretation of Islam. This brand of humor is why Lebanon’s ISIS-mocking Ktir Salbe Show and other examples of extremist defeating satire have sprung up in the Middle East.

People “lacking a sense of identity” simply won’t want to join an organization that is being mocked by the entire world and especially by its own people. Comedy and satire also allow us to see ISIS for what it really is; dangerous but not the nuclear weapons pointed at us during the Cold War….”

I checked the Hollywood Reporter article.  It is rather interesting, the screenshots of those who thought the skit was tasteless, not the article.

NY Post
NY Post

I noticed something interesting.  The Hollywood Reporter linked to a Twitter account to show the outrage against the skit.  It is a spam account. The tweet has already been deleted.

Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Reporter

Also deleted:


Another tweet which was linked by the Hollywood Reporter is also a spam account.


So were the comments, which leads me to something else. What sort of person comments on the Hollywood Reporter?  Can you be so shallow?

Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Reporter

It took awhile to come to any sort of conclusion about who found the skit offensive.  There are two groups.  Evidently those who are shallow followers of pop culture were not amused. Neither was the extreme right.  I’m still trying to figure that one out, but I can’t.  The only possible answer is they have no sense of humor.

“…The truth is that the war on terrorism has always been a war on an ideology; nobody in the world can bomb an ideology out of a group of people. We’ve already tried wars and al-Qaeda simply morphed into ISIS. In addition to military force, there needs to be a way to undermine the ideology used to foster terrorist recruitment. Otherwise, endless wars will be fought by an endless supply of people willing to die for an absurd cause.

“SNL’s” skit was a prime example of how satire can highlight the insanity that fuels ISIS to commit its atrocities. If you didn’t laugh at this, then you don’t understand comedy and you’ve failed to appreciate the nature of satire. Satire, unlike a bullet, can actually kill an ideology….”

Satire is an ancient form of political commentary and parody.  Some say it was invented by Aristophanes.  What on earth do you think Springtime for Hitler Is?

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I love this:

This is what good satire is all about.  It can insult, make you think, cringe, and even laugh.  This is satire at its best.  It can only exist in a free society.  When satire is limited, and those who produce it censored, freedom dies.

One of the ways you beat ISIS is through satire.  It’s rather like the classic episode, Day of the Dove, with, ironically, Syrian born actor, Michael Ansara, playing Kang.  An a group of Klingons and a limited crew of the Enterprise were hurling through space, violently killing one another, until James T. Kirk realized that they had been invaded by an alien who used violent emotions for food.  When they finally realized what had happened, they banded together and defeated the creature by throwing down their weapons and laughing at it.

ISIS could be stopped if it were satirized round the clock, by anyone and everyone.  One reason it gets such press is because of young people who are joining it.  They’re basically killing off recruits, in the Middle East.  You start making fun of it, and you dry up recruits.  No one wants to work for a joke.

Since when has Saturday Night Live ever exercised good taste?