Reality, Russia, and Girlfriends


Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.01.25 PMAnna Duritskaya has refused to take a polygraph test about her involvement in the murder of Boris Nemtsov.  She has fled the country, and is now back in Ukraine. She is but one of his numerous girlfriends.  But, of course she had nothing to do with his death and Vladimire Putin is as guilty as hell.

The minute Boris Nemtsov was murdered, at the Kremlin, while strolling along a bridge with his Ukrainian model girlfriend, Anna Duritskaya, the world knew everyone would accuse Vladimir Putin of doing the Henry II thing and wanting someone to rid him of his opposition. No matter how much propaganda against Putin is planted by the Obama Administration on this one, no one is stupid enough to have their opposition murdered, the day before his big opposition show, in the middle of the Kremlin.  It’s stupid.  It makes no sense.  Vladimir Putin does not do stupid. Sure, he’s corrupt, and is dealing with the almost insane anti-Russian influence of Zbigniew Brzezinski, but still, he’s not stupid.  You don’t gun down your opposition in broad night-time, in the most public place in Russia, in front of the world.

I watch a heck of a lot of ID.  What part of this paragraph flashes like a tacky neon pink flamingo sign?

“…Boris Nemtsov was the closest thing Russian politics had to a sex symbol—he was fun, passionate, intelligent, and a notorious womanizer. For over 20 years, at every stage of his career—as governor of Nizhny Novgorod, as deputy prime minister, in parliament, as minister of energy, and in his last incarnation as a leading opposition member—the handsome and gentlemanly Nemtsov kept a string of beauties by his side and he doted on the women with attention and care. For their part, his mistresses and girlfriends adored Nemtsov for his generosity; most of them stayed connected with him even after the breakups. Five years ago, for his 50th jubilee, Nemtsov brought all his beloved women together at a big party, along with his wife and four children. Even his male associates admired the way he managed to stay friends with his exes….”

Oh wait.  This is not reality.  This the world of writer Anna Nemtsova, who lives in Moscow, and writes about how evil Putin and Russia are.  The current girlfriend, who evidently had to put up with all his ex girlfriends, is Ukrainian.  Please, tell me, what is wrong with this picture?  Have we sunk so low that we believe all the lies being propagated by the Administration’s spin machine, based on Zbigniew Brzezinski’s hatred of the Soviet Union?  Note that I said the Soviet Union.  To get everyone up to speed, Brzezinski, who is closeted as one of the leading foreign policy advisers of Barack Obama, due to his rank antiSemitism, was Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser. Yep, he was the author of Carter’s disastrous Afghan policy, advised him to allow Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi – the Shah of Iran – fall to the Islamic Revolution on 11 February 1979.  That lead to the hostage situation, Iran Contra, and today’s little difficulties with Iran, Israel, and nuclear weapons.

None of this matters, though. Not one little bit.  Russia under Vladimir Putin is evil and must be destroyed.  Never mind that the so-called Ukranian bid for freedom and democracy is actually a coup put together and aided by former members of the Obama Administration, State Department former employees, John Kerry’s flunkies, and Ukrainian Nazis. We’re not talking the internet joke about whoever mentions Nazis first, loses, but real life, goose-stepping, Hitler loving, anti Semitic Nazis. You know, the guys who brought you World War II?

Daily Beast
Daily Beast

Let’s go back to the beginning of the story.

  • Nemtsov is married to Raisa Ahmetovna  & the father of 4 but…
  • Catherine Odintsov is the mother of 2 of his children
  • Irina Korolev is the mother of his 4th child
  • He was dating a 23 year old Ukraine model, Anna Duritskaya
  • According to reports, he recently forced Durtskaya to have an abortion
  • According to reports Durtskaya was mad because she is NOT his only mistress
  • She had an abortion in 2013, with Boris paying for the abortion
  • Reports are they had broken-up
  • Evidently she had a few nude photos circulating
  • He is an is an infamous womanizer
  • Duritskaya saw the white car pull up
  • Or it was a light colored car
  • She saw a man get out
  • But she did not see anything because he shot Nemtsov from behind
  • Yet she knew he jumped in and out of the car
  • She knew the car was white  – maybe
  • There may have been more than one car
  • The nearest other witness was a snow plow driver at least a block away
  • She runs to the snow plow driver
  • Where was her cell phone
  • She called her mother before she called the cops
  • Her mother says she called the cops first
  • NO ONE else was near her
  • She refused to take a lie detector test
  • She fled the country
  • She complained because she was ‘held against her will‘ by Russian authorities
  • She complained because she was held under guard
  • She complained because authorities took her back to the crime scene
  • She how has a partial memory loss over the incident
  • There were NO other witnesses
  • Her friends say she’s being framed

Looks to me like Putin needs to take a number and stand in line.  Any number of people could have taken out this sleazy horn-dog.

“...The news outlet Izvestiya, which is known for its close ties to the authorities, reported shortly after midnight on Tuesday that the team investigating Nemtsov’s killing “have focused on the explanation connected with the so-called Ukrainian trace.” Investigators suspect his murder was ordered by Ukrainian intelligence services or pro-Kiev fighter named Adam Osmayev, an unnamed source reportedly said. Osmayev, a native of Russia’s Chechnya republic who has recently re-appeared fighting on the side of the government in eastern Ukraine, was charged in 2012 with a foiled attempt to assassinate Putin….”

Naturally, the Obama Administration is blaming Putin.  Most sources mention that Nemtsov is married and has 4 children, leaving out the fact that the children are by 3 different women.  They leave out the possibility that there could have been a forced abortion and a very angry not-so-bright mistress.  Come on, she refused to take a lie detector test, then fled the country.  In any  other reality this woman would already be under arrest, or would be considered the prime suspect.

We’re dealing with a  model who allegedly posed for nude photos, her boyfriend politician paid for her abortion, they were fighting, he has children by 3 other women, other mistresses, and the world is accusing Putin of arranging for his death.  Granted, he’s no angel.  His political enemies have a habit of coming to a bad end, but this defies logic and reason.


It this were the US, and say Boris Nemtsov were Joe Blow and Anna Duritskaya was Blue Dress Bambi, the story would be front page tabloid fodder.  First, she would be considered the prime suspect. So would the mothers of his 4 children.  When someone is the only witness to a murder, and refuses to take a lie detector, then flees the country, well, this would be a major scandal.  It wouldn’t be just a major scandal, it would be bigger than Bill & Monica.  A politician like this, even if he only received 4% of the vote, in his last election, would be laughed out of existence.  Every tabloid in the country would be after this woman.  Let’s face it, no one would even be considering the possibility that his political opposition were trying to eliminate him.  He’s not a threat.  They would be trying to close the case against this woman.

All she needed to do was shoot him in the back, then toss the gun, into the water.

Oh, and they weren’t having dinner together.  He went looking for her.  It was his idea not to take a cab but, a nice long walk.