Life Goes On


Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.36.59 PMYeah, ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
La-la how the life goes on
Yeah, ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
La-la how the life goes on

I realized today, that life does go on, just as Sir Paul McCartney wrote in my favorite Beatles song.  I did a Tweet, stating that the word was back to normal, the Braves lost.  Someone answered, that it wasn’t important, it was just Spring Training.  Of course it’s not important, not that way.  It is important, though, because, for the first time since 1978, I was not able to call my father and tell him the world was back to normal, the Braves lost.

I finally shed a few tears.  I realized that part of my life was over, then, I texted my youngest niece, Laura.  She’s a baseball fan.  Unfortunately, she’s a Yankees’ fan.  I just don’t know where I went wrong.  I told her.

When I lived in SC, in the little house across the drive from my parents, I had satellite.  They did not.  When the Braves were on, my father, the dog, and sometimes his cat, would walk what was about a block and a half, across the field, maybe the road, depending on which animals were with him.  My mother would call, saying they were on their way over – to watch the game.  He’d sit there, with his dog, my dog, and his cat would go crawl up on my bed, with my two cats.  I’d come up with something for a snack.  Once the game was over, he and the dog would leave.  The cat would spend the night, and I’d drive her back over, the next day.  Quite often, he’d leave his dog with me, and take Clancy, my poodle, back with him.

He always watched baseball.  Then, about eight years ago, he stopped watching it.  We should have known something was wrong, with just that.  He no longer paid attention to the box scores, the standings or post season.  Alzheimer’s had robbed him of that.

If only we  had known…

Today, I realized, texting my niece, that life does go on.  The family tradition and love for baseball has been passed to another generation.  There are indications that Catie could be a baseball fan.

Life goes on, just like Sir Paul wrote, all those years ago.