An Open Letter to Lindsey


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.33.57 PMDear Lindsey;

We have been friends for many years.  I was the second person you called when you first decided to run for Congress, Ed Mitchell being the first.  I have supported you literally from day one, when you ran for Congress.  I have more respect for you than just about anyone I know.  You are the most honorable person in Washington.  This said, please don’t do it.  Please don’t ‘run’. My nerves can’t stand it.  You know the bottom line is that I am going to support you, even if it will cost most of my liberal Twitter followers, and annoy a few friends.  There’s a heck of a lot of history here, and more than a few prayers.  Don’t do it.  They’ll chew you up, spit you out, and then stomp on the remains – and that’s just the far right.  I fear the left will be much ‘kinder’.  No one in politics these days has a sense of humor.  They take themselves far too seriously.  They don’t understand with you, what they see is what they get.  People are accustomed to agendas.  Anyone who knows you knows that your only agenda is what you think is best for this nation.  We may disagree on a few things, but that’s okay.  I may be an Oconee County ex-pat, but that’s okay.  I’m still arguing with my mother about changing her residency from South Carolina to New Mexico – so she can vote for you.  You know how we feel.

Please don’t do it.  You are a true statesman.  We don’t have many of those, remaining.  Yes, if you were elected, you would be great, but the process getting there is pure hell.  They are going to be nasty.  I know you don’t do email.  Anyone who knows you knows you are borderline Luddite when it comes to personal technology.  That’s you.  They will also attempt to crucify you over your sense of humor.  Take the boneheaded remark you made in New Hampshire – please.

As nasty as the left is, and they are behaving badly, primarily because it’s their turn to behave badly, the extreme right is even worse.  You have truly angered the worst of the worst with your honorable stand on immigration reform, and the fact that you have not prostituted yourself to the Koch Machine.  His libertarian leaning supporters are going to do their best to destroy you. So is Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, and Rush Limbaugh.  I remember, back in 1994, how we wanted Rush to mention your campaign.  The reason I quit listening to him was due to how vile he has treated you.

I’m tired of these people, and how they treat normal, decent Republicans.  It is one reason I’ve basically dumped the party, that and because I’ve been to the other side and back.  They have taken the GOP so far to the right that it is almost unrecognizable.  We need a good person who will stand up to these people.  Do you know how many people are like me, having walked away from the GOP because of the extreme right libertarian haters?  I’m far from liberal, am no longer comfortable in the current version of the GOP.  They’ve lost their soul.  We need someone who has the courage to stand up for who and what we once were.  Unfortunately, you do that, and aside from the fact that they will want to tar and feather you, I suspect it might be a winning idea whose time has come.

I’ve been to the other side.  Thanks to my father’s Alzheimer’s Disease, I know what happens when dishonest brokers get hold of a person’s finances.  I’ve learned what it is like to deal with the limitations placed on Medicare, and the fact that so little is actually covered when it comes to home care.  I know the consequences of having quick thinking brokers come up with ways to relieve people like my father of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I think the Obama Administration proposal of limiting investment opportunities for people over the age of 65 is wrong.  But, we need a law that required dishonest brokers, bankers, insurance agents, anyone who deals with money, and takes advantage of someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease to pay back what they decided to use for themselves.

For the past five years, I’ve battled day in and day out to try and recoup or locate what was taken from my unsuspecting father.  Accounts have been closed.  Records are missing.  And, the poor thing went to ask the very individuals who had decided to separate him from his money, for help.  He left all of his financial records with them.  They no longer exist.  People like this need to be held accountable.  The problem is, with the rules and statute of limitations, by the time a family discovers what has happened, and can take the time to search for it, it’s too late.  Families dealing with diseases like Alzheimer’s need a place to turn, and it certainly isn’t the various support organizations who live to bleed money out of people looking for any sort of hope for their loved one.

We need a safety net.  It costs a family an average of $1oo,000 – $125,000 a year to deal with the later stages of Alzheimer’s.  There is no program for home nursing, other than the catastrophic home health care companies that are a disaster.  Medicare needs to cover the cost of real home health care, for people to step in and help with day to day activities, to stay over night.  Alzheimer’s is a killer.  It nearly killed my mother.  We could not afford round the clock nursing care.  During the last months of my father’s life she was up constantly.  I’ve given up the past five years of my life supporting them.  Why can’t Republicans show real compassion and not demand people care for themselves or die in the gutter?

I’ve been to the other side.  I know there are people out there who need help, and the libertarian, up by the bootstraps version doesn’t work.  I’ve seen the lack of compassion.  I know what it is like to need, and not to be able to afford your father’s medication because it was too expensive.  We need a Republican out there who is willing to to work to help others, and can recognize that libertarian policies don’t work.  We need a Republican who has the courage to stand up to libertarians, and the extreme right.

Never in my life have I been so concerned about the direction we’re heading in this country.  The left is out of its mind.  So is the far right.  No one will bother being a peacemaker or trying to get people in this country talking to one another, to force us to look inside and find the good.  We’ve lost that.  All we have is this old Mad Magazine version of Spy vs. Spy where all that matters is one side fighting the other. Frankly, I can’t stomach what has happened to my Republican Party.  We need a moderate who has the courage to tell the far right where to go and how to get there.

That’s what is so sad.  I no longer belong anywhere, politically.  No, I don’t want you running.  I think you are too good for the process.  I don’t like watching people try to destroy my friends.  You are my friend.  This hurts.  It bothers me.  I know the kind of person you are.  I guess I’m going to be burning more bridges.  I owe you a debt of honor.  I’m going to be right there fighting for you.  I am well aware we lose our country when good people sit back and do nothing.  So, have at it.  I have your back.   Like Spock told Kirk in the Wrath of Kahn, “I have been, and always will be your friend.”

Now, what do we need to do?  We both play to win, you know that.  You also know when I get started I take no prisoners, and go for the jugular.  The die is cast, the Rubicon has been crossed.