Caution: This One Is a Tear Jerker


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.28.06 PMI’ve been wondering, for awhile now, what happened to us.  I love watching the Brits.  They are so damn pragmatically patriotic that they make us look like a nation of slackers.  Patriotism and feeling good about this country went out of style about a decade ago. We have become a nation of complainers.  Nothing is good, everything is bad.  We are a nation divided.  If you are white, you’re told you are a racist oppressor.  If  you are black, you’re told you are a victim of white oppression.  People are starting to hate one another – literally.  Several weeks ago, during a Twitter conversation, I was told, repeatedly  how evil and racist the South was.  I know people who have never stepped foot in South Carolina, but damn it as the worst place on earth.  All liberals can do is spout off about how evil the South is, how racist, and no one who is white, and from the South is decent. All the right can do is complain about anyone who isn’t male, white, and straight.

We have managed to forget what it’s all about.  On Sunday, I found something that reminded me.  I am ashamed of myself for forgetting.  I don’t want to be a part of any movement which forgets this.  I don’t want to associate with people who denigrate what this represents.  It is time we start looking for what is good in this country, and standing up for it.   We’re far from perfect, but that’s okay.  I’m just sick and tired to being subjected to a never ending litany about how bad we are.

Let’s face it, one of the problems we’re facing is that the right is controlled by corporate America.  According to Robert Reich, we the little people have less control over our lives and this nation than at any time in history.  Yes, corporate America is to blame.  But, they are only a part of the problem.

The other part is the unending, ceaseless, eternal drumbeat from the far left.  We’re all gonna die.  Some idiot with NASA said that the sky is falling in California and it only has about a year of water left.  Anyone who believes that might want to consider investing in some ocean front property I’m selling in Yuma.

I love animals as much as anyone.  I want a planet that is clean, with fresh unpolluted water. Wind and solar is the way to go. The current EPA is completely out of control.  People should come first.  Thanks to the Administrations refusal to allow water to flow into portions of California, to protect some stupid fish, everyone in this country is paying higher prices for food.  Our lives have been degraded by this.  Frankly, let the damn fish die.  People come first.

During the past 8 years, our lives have degraded at a startling pace.  I want to know why.  I do know that there are certain far left entities who see humans as a blight on the face of the earth.  We should all be living in some Orwellian collective and let the planet be free.  The far right doesn’t give a damn about anything but making money. Ayn Rand rules.  Let those who can’t take care of themselves wallow in the gutter then die.  We have become a nation of no more second chances.  Not only must our politicians be pure, but anyone who dares commit a crime, or be accused of one now faces a life of abject oppression and discrimination. If you are a minority, and are accused of something, there is a 1 in 3 chance you do hard time, even if you are innocent.  That is where the real racism is.

I don’t like our brave new world.  It isn’t much of a world at all, but one massive police state.  We’ve reached the point where the press is no longer free.  You can’t say what you want.  You can’t report on something that might upset the current Administration.  You can’t upset the Koch Machine.  No one dares speak up and say that we are being gouged at the pump.

We need people to take the lead and stand up for we the little people.  If not, we’re going to lose what made this nation great.  I don’t want that.  Do you?  The person who comes along, who can channel the red, white, and blue jingoistic optimism like Ronald Reagan did is the winner.