In Which I Feature a Soprano: Beverly Sills


Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.28.29 PMThere is only ONE great soprano as far as I am concerned, and that is Beverly Sills. Then again, we opera freaks are known to be highly prejudiced, illogical, belligerent, and argumentative, and those are just our good points. Ergo, if I want to declare she was the greatest soprano there ever was and ever will be, I can do so. She could sing anything. She was America’s diva, only she wasn’t really a diva. She did not take herself seriously, and saw the humor on just about everything. Like her name – she bubbled.  One of the great crimes against civilization was the fact that it took so long for her to be allowed to sing at the Met.  That day, my history professor gave everyone the day off and an “A” for a major test.

I think this is my favorite:

I was only fortunate enough to see her once, on stage.

You think I wasn’t going to get a baritone in here? Please! Bubbles did several recordings with the greatest baritone ever – Sherrill Milnes.

You just don’t hear things like this today.

She could do anything, including upstage Miss Piggy. You gotta’ be good to upstage her.