Our Zero Tolerance, No Exceptions, & Politically Correct Pedophiles


Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.58.09 AMTo put things into perspective, the BBC allowed a pedophile to operate within its empire for years, then tried to cover it up.  Jeremy Clarkson gave a jerk a fat lip and they’re out to ruin him.  It makes a person think about what is important and what isn’t.  We live in a world where only the politically correct are allowed to thrive in some venues.  Step out of line and you are destroyed.  Sure, you can be a pedophile, but they are just little children, right?   Just don’t abuse an animal, or give a jerk a fat lip.   It is a zero tolerance world with no exceptions and no forgiveness, unless you are terribly artistically important like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski.  They’re just teenager, right?  Just don’t give a jerk a fat lip. You can operate out of the Pentagon, Congress, or the State Department.  No one wants to say a darn thing.  Being a pedophile never hurt Michael Jackson.

The BBC ignored and covered up the fact that one of their top celebs molested over a thousand boys.  But, they can’t tolerate a fat lip.  But, others have managed to get away with much, much more.  Nicholas Cage, in 2011, assaulted his wife, on a street, in LA. He’s still Nicholas Cage.  Sean Penn spent some time in prison for punching a photographer.  James Caan was arrested for domestic violence in 1980.  Lou Rawls was arrested for domestic abuse in 2003. Josh Brolin was arrested for domestic abuse in 2004.  Billy Dee Williams was arrested for domestic assault in 1996.  Steve Austin was arrested for domestic violence in 2002. Harry Morgan as arrested for domestic violence in 1996. Bobby Cox was arrested for domestic violence in 1995.  Bill Koch was arrested with domestic violence, assault, and death treats in 2000.  Sean Connery has admitted to hitting women.  Bill Murray and Chevy Chase once had a fight back-stage at SNL.  Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart had a fistfight over politics. Val Kilmer once burned a crew-member of a film he was doing in the face, with a cigarette.  Humphrey Bogart was the victim of domestic violence.  I’m not even listing athletes or musicians who have been involved in violence.

There are some who are quite upset that the Atlantic is giving former staffer, Jared Keller, who was fired for plagiarism, a second chance. Bravo.  People deserve second chances, when it is possible.  As a writer I think nothing is worse than plagiarism.  I’ve had a few things ‘borrowed’ the past few years.  One of the woman wrote a much hailed biography of a certain member of the Earp family, never bothering to attribute a few things she appropriated from me.

There is one thing I still don’t understand.  Why is it perfectly acceptable within the entertainment industry for the movers and shakers to ignore sexual predators, rapists, and pedophiles?  I believe in second chances, and do not approve of zero tolerance – except when it comes to rapists, sexual predators, and pedophiles.   Yet, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski continue to be revered.

“…Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old and still eludes justice, and he is celebrated as a genius filmmaker by the industry and by his fans, as if he is a character in one of his own movies that, in order to appreciate, we must extend a certain amount of empathy to its monstrous main character. Empathy is essential to our humanity, but too often — in Hollywood as in life — we are groomed to direct empathy only to the powerful flawed man, and his pervasive, conflicted desire, never to his victim. …”

It is rather fascinating.  Evidently there are acceptable crimes, then there are things which are so genius, so evil, so horrific, those responsible must be destroyed.  No, I’m not talking about rape, murder, or the molestation of children.  Instead, the most horrific crime against culture appears to be giving some jerk a fat lip. That’s about it.  Maybe we should put things into perspectives.  Being a pedophile and artistically talented like Michael Jackson, Woody Allen or Roman Polanski is inconvenient, but  not prohibitive.  Celebs can sock one another, and it is quite acceptable for them to abuse their spouses, girlfriends, and families, but giving a jerk a fat lip is a career destroyer?

We live in a world where only certain individuals are allowed to get away with things.  The unpardonable sins, today, are insulting third world countries, making offensive ethnic remarks, being critical about third world countries, and making those who enforce the rules – squirm.  If a person smokes or drinks, it’s even worse. What a person cannot do, if they are the least bit out-spoken is to give their producer a fat lip.

I defended Clarkson last night on Twitter.  This is what one person did:

“…@DXXXUK: @sjreidhead You’ve lost me. I don’t support a world where you can punch someone if they upset you and I don’t follow those who do. So long…”

I think the whole thing is stupid.  Clarkson manned-up, and immediately took responsibility for his behavior. Do I approve of what he did, heck no.  I think it was stupid.  I also know that there are times when people are pushed into situations and they react.  According to one former fiance of mine, there are also times when a man is just itching for a fight. I’ve never been around any men like that, so I don’t know much about it. I do know that, once upon a time, it was understood that men were men, they behaved annoyingly, were held accountable, then went on with their lives.  This day and age, though, men can no longer be men.  I do mourn their loss.

Of course the best place to gauge things like this are at the beauty shop.  The main comments were that there are times when people are pushed to the point where they push back.  That’s what I think happened here.  People should be allowed to have a temper.   This weekend, we’ll discuss tempers.  Evidently, today, a temper is not allowed – ever.