Calling Evil What It Is


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.43.30 PMThe world is trying to comprehend why Andreas Lubitz did what he did.  There are explanations floating around the world, all of them dealing with his mental state.  What is not being said, is that Lubitz had been prescribed, and was allegedly taking medications that other individuals who have committed mass murder have been taking.  That alone is chilling.  What is even more terrifying is the theory about the medication and break with reality is not being taken seriously.  When something walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, lays an egg like a duck, and looks like a duck – well, it’s a duck.  We’re dealing with a duck here, and no one wants to recognize it as a duck.

“…It is now confirmed that Andreas Lubitz was taking psychiatric medications. He underwent 18 months of “psychiatric treatment” and mind-altering medications have now been found in his home by law enforcement authorities. The Mirror (UK) is now reporting that “Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz ‘suffered burnout or depression’ a few years ago, a former classmate has claimed.”

The reported behavior of Andrea Lubitz is eerily similar to SSRI-drug-induced school shooters who carried out mass murders in the United States (see detailed list below). In case after case, school shooters have been found to either be on prescription antidepressant drugs or recently taken off them, causing withdrawal side effects.

What U.S. school shootings and the Germanwings mass murder have in common is a dissociation from reality where individuals often think they are “playing a video game” and don’t realize their actions are literally harming other people in the real world…”

Crime Museum
Crime Museum

The medications the young pilot were taking have been known to cause a break with reality.  The FAA has banned pilots from taking these meds in the US.  We need to be honest here.  Millions of people have taken these medications without doing something truly horrific, but sometimes a duck is just that. Global Research has a list of individuals who have committed mass murder while on various medications. The list is chilling.  BUT – the same profile fits, that they are basically psychopaths

Or – are we dealing with pure evil?  It is much easier to explain something in the terms of blaming medication someone is taking than just stating that he/she was evil.  From the medication list I heard on CNN, we may have been dealing with someone who was having a psychotic break with reality.  The meds he was taking have not been used here, for years.   Anne Skomorowsky, writing in Salon gets it right.

“…Was Andreas Lubitz depressed? We don’t know; a torn-up doctor’s note and bottles of pills don’t tell us much. Most people who commit suicide suffer from a mental illness, most commonly depression. But calling his actions suicidal is misleading. Lubitz did not die quietly at home. He maliciously engineered a spectacular plane crash and killed 150 people. Suicidal thoughts can be a hallmark of depression, but mass murder is another beast entirely….”

There is another chilling statistic, which would make anyone paranoid to fly.  This is not the first mass murder by pilot.

From New Republic:

  • November 2013 when Mozambique Airlines Flight TM470 crashed in a remote area of Namibia
  • EgyptAir Flight 990, which crashed off New England in 1999, killing 217 people
  • SilkAir flight 185 in Indonesia in 1997, which killed 104. In 1994
  • In 1994, Royal Air Moroc flight 630 which crashed shortly after takeoff into Morocco’s Atlas Mountains in 1994, killing 44

What Andreas Lubitz did was evil.  We don’t like ‘evil’.  We don’t like to define something or someone as evil.  It is far too simplistic.  By refusing to acknowledge that evil exists, and try to explain it as something else does more harm than good.  A person who is depressed is probably not even suicidal.  Quite often, when a person is suicidal it is a cry for help.  A depressed person who is suicidal is almost never going to do anyone else harm.  To make this a witch hunt against people who are depressed, and function in the world, is almost as evil as the actions of Lubitz.

A person who commits mass murder is basically the same personality as a serial killer – a narcissistic psychopath with massive anti-social tendencies.  They live a lie, masking who they are.  They can be charming, highly functional individuals until they snap.  Then they start killing.  Why is this concept so difficult to grasp?