Destroying a Life to Set an Example


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.56.31 PMThe world now knows that the Rolling Stone article about ‘Jackie’ was bogus.  No matter how the media hides in euphemisms, the woman lied.  Something happened, all right.  ‘Jackie’ has made it much more difficult for a young woman, or any woman to cry rape, and be taken seriously.  Her supporters are still trying to state that something happened, but so far, even the cops can’t verify her tale.  Perhaps the young woman was raped, but the way it has been handled is more like calling wolf once too often.  The damage has been done.  Right now, if I were a parent, I don’t know what I would do.  Girls are going to be moving targets.  No one will believe what has happened to them.   The far right will use it as another front on their war on women.  The left will delude themselves that the poor woman is not being treated fairly.

You don’t destroy people to prove a point.

Here’s the thing. Four stupid teenagers were caught posting less than wholesome selfies of themselves on Twitter.  They are being charged with child pornography, with their lives ruined, because they were stupid.  The DA wanted to make an example of them.  If he ruins them, maybe other kids won’t do the same thing.  They are 16, 15, and 14.  If they are found guilty, they will be considered sex offenders the rest of their lives – because they were stupid.

Someone I have been back and forth with on Twitter for years unfollowed and blocked me because I said it was prosecutoral over-reach.  There are no victims of the crime, just the criminal justice system.  She felt that the little misogynist monsters need to be taught a lesson.  But – it was a girl who pushed the incident, not a guy.  She sees nothing wrong with ruining the lives of these 4 stupid kids – forever.

When does a political agenda, designed to protect children, be used for something that becomes almost evil, and ruinous?  The kids were stupid.  They do not deserve to have criminal records accusing them of being child pornographers.  They will never be able to get a decent job, live in a decent neighborhood, or have a normal life – because the prosecutor wants to make an example of them.

“...The myopia on display in Benton’s comments is incredible. The worst thing that’s likely to happen from teens sharing their own sex video online is perhaps some judgment or ostracization if people they know see the video. But if convicted as child pornographers, these kids may be ripped from their schools and communities, placed in juvenile detention centers, and branded felons and sex offenders for life. As such, they’ll have limited eligibility for college loans, limited employment opportunities, and restrictions on where they can live, travel, and more. So, yes, posting an online sex video of yourself as a teen could be “an incident you may not recover from,” but only because of people like Police Chief Brian Benton. …”

Isn’t the prosecutor being an abuser?

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

I am more concerned over the fact that the 15 girl is sending nude sex videos of herself to three boys, one of them 14 years old.  All the kids are now in juvenile detention.  That alone is deplorable.  The fact that the girl was flashing sex videos is indicative of having been abused.  She doesn’t need prison, she needs therapy.

Our zero tolerance no forgiveness society is leaving victims everywhere.  It’s time for us to learn the quality of mercy.  We also need to learn that good people will sometimes do bad things, thinking they are doing the right thing.   As for those juveniles being held in lock-up in Chicago, let just assume they are not lily white in complexion, and did not come from upscale homes.  If they had, they’d not be in detention.