Remember That Letter?


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 5.20.56 PMDue to the strange news cycle in this nation, one wonders how many people remember way back when…oh a couple weeks ago when a vast number of Republicans signed on to a truly tacky letter to Iran’s Khamenei?  Oh, it was the end of the world as we know it.  It was just a strange duck moment in time when it looked like the GOP was going to side with Iran, and make life a living hell for Barack Obama.

Don’t get me wrong, that was the plan, trust me.  The whole idea was to prevent a deal with Iran, their nukes, and pacifying Bibi Netanyahu. It was also about propping Bibi up, which wasn’t even necessary, and yes, it was about sand-bagging the negotiations.  Let’s face it, with John Kerry running point on said negotiations, why even bother?  Like everything else Kerry does, it was bound to fall apart, sooner than later.

Golly, gee, it looks like all that behind the back, thumb to the news royal salute to the President of the United States wasn’t necessary at all. It looks like Khamenei is already proving that, in many ways, the GOP was right.  He can’t be trusted.  He’s also proving what an abject failure John Kerry is.  The blasted letter was such a waste of time and effort.  It propelled Tom Cotton into the spotlight, but that was about it.  All they needed to do was be patient, and the deal would most likely blow up, just about the way Bibi would like to blow up Kahmenei.

I love politics!


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  1. Obama told the American people that the sanctions on Iran would be lifted gradually over a period of time. Iran says the sanctions will be lifted the day the deal goes into effect. Somebody is lying.

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