How Do We Deal With UnChristian Christians?


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe  other day, someone left a comment on a site, which featured an article I had done last week, about women and Christianity.  Because the question came from another site, I don’t feel free to copy or quote it, other than the following:  “…Jesus and Christianity have done nothing but evil for plenty of women…”.  Considering the horrible thing so-called Christians in this country are doing to others, how on earth do you answer that one?

In an era where we should be more enlightened than ever, and more tolerant of all, so-called ‘Christians’ have morphed into entities I don’t know or recognize.  They don’t reflect the love of Christ, let alone any other form of love.  The only thing that spews out of their mouths is hatred.  They have thrown away their compassion, and their love for humanity.  All they care about are some ill defined parameters, turning the Beatitudes into rules for living which have nothing to do with Christ.

I can’t answer this person.  I am ashamed of people who call themselves Christians and what they do to others.  Christ said something about woe to them who basically screw around with the faith of others.  There are times, and this is one of them, when I do wish there was a purgatory.  Trust me, there is nothing Christian about Phil Robertson and his klan.  Fact is, the denomination to which they belong does not even believe the way normal Christianity does.  It is heretical, as are the teachings of R. J. Rushdoony, Gary North, Bill Gothard, Mark Driscoll, Rick Warren, Doug Phillips, Kevin Swanson, Bill Duggar, the Pearls, Campbells, and now even a goodly portion of the Southern Baptists.  When they define the Holy Trinity as something the Holy Trinity is not, in order to legitimize patriarchy and the subjugation of women, it is nothing short of heretical.

It is not Christian.

Neither are the philosophical meanderings of the psychopath, Ayn Rand.  She hated Christ, yet the average ‘Christian’ who is part of the libertarian right worships her more than they do Christ.  They allow the widows and orphans, those who are in prisons to be mistreated.  They brutalize the strangers who have come to a strange land.  They have no problem allowing those in need to die, because they are not deserving of their charity.

I can’t answer this person who is truly searching for answers.  I wish I could.  I wish I could say it is all a mistake and Christians are amazing people, but I can’t.  Some of the worst people, the most evil people I’ve ever encountered are ‘Christians’.   They are the cruelest, most vicious, most destructive individuals I’ve ever known.  At times, they make me flinch when I stand up for what I believe.

When do we get to denounce them?  I am so tired of being harassed and bullied by them, then harassed and bullied by those they have harmed.  Those who have left the faith, due to them say there is no ‘devil’, no evil one.  They could be right.  We don’t need the ‘devil’ when we have such godly Christians destroying those around them, for their own personal gain and power.