Why Hillary Matters


Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.42.26 AMHillary Clinton’s candidacy is important for one very important reason.  She was/is the first only viable female candidate to come along, period.  Elizabeth Warren would be viable.  Carly Fiorina is not.  Neither was Michele Bachmann.  Let’s also be honest that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul are not viable.  They are a joke.  When Barack Obama decided to run, even though he was a freshman Senator, he was ‘viable.’  There was nothing frivolous, silly, supercilious, or light-weight about him.  The same holds true for Hillary.  It holds true for Elizabeth Warren.  It is true about Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham.  Scott Walker is ‘viable’ but he is a nightmare from hell.  Rick Perry is not a light-weight candidate, either.  He was governor of a huge state, a very successful governor, no matter which political side you are on.  So was Jeb Bush.

Hillary’s added importance is that she is the first viable female candidate to emerge, period.  She is a very strong, powerful, and positive individual, who can take on the world, not as a ‘woman’ POTUS, but as a POTUS.  Michele Bachmann was a joke.  I have no idea what Fiorina’s agenda is other than being the token Republican woman.  She ran a major corporation, but corporate is not a nation.

Right now, I don’t see a comparable women within the GOP.  One wonders why.  We’ve been asking that question for ages. It makes one wonder about the entire process within the GOP.  Sure, Susana Martinez and Mary Fallon are stumbling all over themselves to be the VP nominee.  Neither one of them is capable of coming in out of the rain let alone occupy the Oval Office. Neither is Selina Meyer.

Let’s be honest here.  Part of the problem within the GOP is the punch and cookie crowd.  One of the reasons I walked away from politics was because of that.  Women are automatically consigned to second class status.  You can’t find a viable candidate when women are not the equal of men.


One thought on “Why Hillary Matters

  1. Hillary (what difference does it make) Clinton will have the Hispanic vote, the Asian vote, the black vote and all the trash in Hollywood will donate big money to her campaign, but this woman should not be president of the USA. She lies, exaggerates, fabricates (arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire etc.) and after the Benghazi disaster it is doubtful that she will be capable of defending the nation in a crisis. She could not even face the nation after Benghazi. The idiot du jour, Susan Rice, was sent out to cover up her mistakes. Like her husband she will probably be soft on terrorism. I did not like his response after the bombing of the USS Cole and without a doubt, he will be her back stage adviser. She is weak on foreign policy, knows absolutely nothing about the military and is not trustworthy.

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