Hillary and the Three Stooges


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.13.23 PMYou would think that the GOP would finally get it, but they don’t.  Instead of complementing Hillary Clinton on her unique approach to Iowa, Reince Priebus indulged in business as usual, making fun of her. Frankly, I think what she is doing is brilliant.  I hope she is able to stick with the idea of the van trip, as long as possible. It is the kind of thing a woman would do.  We were subjected to the narcissistic posturings of the Three Stooges as they announced, with everything but a balloon drop, Duck Dynasty, and some truly repulsive country music.  The little wife looked adoringly at their lord and master as their kids were pushed front and forward, just perfectly little angels. Instead, Hillary did a video.  The contrast could not have been greater.

But, the GOP just doesn’t seem to get it.  S. E. Cupp just couldn’t understand why the former First lady was trying to appeal to women and gay men instead of ‘real men’. After all, she needs men to vote for her. Why focus on women?  In Salon, there is a an article that she is going to make a mistake by focusing on the center.

They don’t get it.  First, we need someone who will pay attention to the center.  I’m the center.  I’m not liberal and I’m certainly not conservative. I am a woman.  I want someone who understands that, and can play hard-ball with the guys.

The GOP just doesn’t get it.  They’re already going after her, for appealing to women. There’s a very good reason.  I’m a woman.  I’m still registered as a Republican because I live in New Mexico and the Democrats here are a joke.  I’m disgusted with the GOP because of the way they have treated women, and the way they’ve ignored the center.  We need a viable woman running for POTUS.  Trust me, the GOP doesn’t have one.  Instead of congratulating Hillary on her unique approach, they’re making fun of it. They’re taking a big risk doing that.

As for Iowa, the head of the Democratic party there is pissed because Hillary is driving to their narcissistic state.  If she flew in, she could spend more time talking to people.  Why bother with other states?

Yes, men on the left are as clueless as men on the right.

As far as The Three Stooges, I wonder where Shemp is?


4 thoughts on “Hillary and the Three Stooges

  1. Hillary (the candidate from yesterday) Clinton, imitates the Wasilla Hillbilly and everybody thinks it’s a brilliant idea. The van is just a dumb campaign gimmick. How do we know she is really in there? Her so-called unique approach will probably cost the taxpayer 100 million dollars in secret service costs plus the van will have to be a bullet proof Scooby van. the name would have been cool back in 1969 but Clinton is too old now to realize how behind the times this is. Of course she and Huma Abeden could always liven things up by strapping their pet, Anthony Weiner, to the top of the van.

  2. To me, it was the way the GOP is dealing with her, digging themselves in deeper, with this ‘war on women’. Some far right religious type said she was not attractive. You don’t do that. No one says that about men.

    I think the van trip is a fantastic idea. I’ve been saying for years that needs to be the approach. Go in small and pretend not to be an arrogant narcissist. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a private plane. I thought Rand Paul’s announcement was so arrogant and over the top it was disgusting. Rubio was almost disconnected from reality. Cruz was pure narcissism.

    If I were planning a campaign I would be doing exactly what she’s doing.

  3. Hillary will likely come across quite sane and well-centered by comparison. At least if this election-cycle plays out like the last one.

    Personally, I’ve been hoping for another GOP clown-car campaign. Half a dozen people, none of them able to say that they understand the evidence for the age of the earth, our biology or the reality of the need for separation of church and state. It was pretty funny last time.

    Sadly, right now, in order to be nominated, any republican candidate has to run way way to the right, then, after the nomination, try to move back to the center a bit, without those they’ve been courting on the right noticing. Few can pull it off, in the age of i-phone videos and internet posts that live forever.

  4. This election cycle may not play out like the last one. Hillary Clinton has no fresh ideas Like her Scooby Doo van she comes across as something left over from the 1960s. She says she wants to be the champion of the middle class. How incredibly corny can she get? It sounds like something left over from Romney’s campaign. Right now, three clowns are running against her, but they are all young and enthusiastic with a history of winning elections. Youth and energy have always been powerful weapons against the tired and cynical. This time around due to Obama fatigue, Americans want to get rid of all the old dinosaurs in Washington no matter who they are. Experience no longer seems to matter. Unless the republicans nominate someone truly vile, it is possible that the democrats will lose this election. Who do they have in the party to energize and deliver? Hillary is in her late sixties, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are in their seventies. Last time, there was a slobbering love affair with a youthful Obama. This time, an elderly, entitled grandmother, dodging the press in dark glasses may not generate enough excitement to win.

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