Just Who Is Most Important?


Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.27.42 PMI am not a fan of narcissistic tourism involving the over-indulging of well-heeled men and women, well toned, physically fit, the beautiful among us, who push the limits to prove how physically fit, well-toned, and beautiful they are.  The pose, take selfies, and use up valuable resources to prove how ecological they are.  When it works, they go home, tanned, rested, and ready to show off their beauty, prowess, and and just how important they are.  They are superior in every way.  No one even mentions the problems they cause with their narcissistic explorations, climbing, exploring, back-country, ecologically minded beautiful people get themselves in trouble.  When they get in trouble they require valuable resources to be used for their rescue.

But, they are beautiful, well-toned, physically fit, and ecologically sound.  They are the superior ones.  They are better than those of us who are fat slobs, unattractive, not fit, and far from superior.  I suspect we are the ones who are donating the money to help the situation in Nepal, while the beautiful people are waiting to be rescued.  And, yes, they need to be rescued…. BUT

I swear, watching and reading the news, and the headlines, there is more attention being given to the tourists who are climbing Mount Everest, and how horrific their plight is – and it is, than the people who live in Nepal, and have had their lives ruined.

Oh, it is so sad, and so tragic, as one after another who can afford the extremely expensive chopper flight off the mountain, reach a point where they can get their moment of fame and tell about their plight.  So what if they are using valuable resources which should be used to care for people who have had their lives turned upside down.  After all, they’re not beautiful and they certainly aren’t rich.

They will arrive home, download their photos, and take more selfies as they describe the fight for survival. Books will be written, royalties received, movies made, specials done on the science channels.  They will be hailed as heroes.

The poor people in Nepal will be ignored.

But, the narcissists will be well rewarded.




One thought on “Just Who Is Most Important?

  1. I have met some of those beautiful people and I’m not impressed. To me they are the most boring people in the world. Their bodies come before everything. They spend their money on plastic surgery and health spas. They don’t even have a postage stamp for anything else. The outside is always more important than the inside. Their minds, hearts and souls just don’t exist. They are pod people.

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