Don’t Know Much About Government


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.03.20 PMI don’t want to be in Baltimore on Friday, when the police report and investigation into the death of Freddie Gray is not released.  It is an investigation.  Investigative reports are not released until the proper time, and can take years.  When you listen to people being interviewed, you would think they expect to know everything there is to know, on Friday.  I shudder to think what is going to happen when they don’t.  Are we going to be subjected to more media pandering to ‘cover-up’?

I don’t know which is worse, the ignorance of the media or the ignorance of the madding crowds.  It is quite obvious high school civics have been neglected, throughout the nation.  Police investigations are rarely made public, and almost always after the investigation ends and the results are forwarded to the proper authorities.  After an investigation, the district attorney’s office will decide if they are going to convene a grand jury.  The grand jury then indicts, so that it can go to trial.

All the protests in the world are going to change this.  All the marches in the world aren’t going to change this. It is part of the system, hard-wired into who and what we are as a civilized nation.

But – where people can make changes, if they will get out to vote, is to change the district attorney.  The reason cops are are aren’t persecuted, the reason so darn many black males are incarcerated is NOT because of the cops, but because of the district attorneys and prosecutors. They are the ones who decide when and if they are going to take a hard line.  They’re the ones who decide to ruin a young woman for having a miscarriage, or letting a rich, white well-connected little punk get away with drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter.  Don’t blame the system, blame the representatives of that system. They are the ones who need to be put out to pasture.  Until people are willing to band together, and go after the real problem, we’re going to continue being subjected to what we are seeing in Baltimore.

Why aren’t these same people demanding change for the young woman who is spending months in jail, awaiting trial, because she killed her abuser, or her baby died?  Why not protest her treatment?  Why not stand up for the child who is abused by his/her teacher or minister?  Why do only the lives of certain young men matter more than the lives of other people?

I don’t seen any justice here.  The slogan of the year is ‘black lives matter’.  Yes, they do.  What about white lives?  Native lives? Hispanic lives?  Are black lives more important than other lives?  Why do people gather only when black males have been vilely treated by cops.   What about the families of cops who experience 45% greater domestic violence than the rest of society?  If this is the case, why is anyone surprised about violence against people who are not of their race?

Why are only black male lives worthy of mattering?

Why aren’t people out there protesting sexual misconduct by cops?