The Left, the Right, the Good, and the Ugly


Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.30.15 PMNo one is perfect.  Neither party, Democrat or Republican is right.  Both ideologies, conservative and liberal have good points and bad points.  Even though Libertarianism is the truly ugly among them, there are good ideas.  The truly frightening and ugly mix is libertarian and liberal.  We’re going through that, today.  Our country is being run by an unholy alliance of the libertarian & liberal.  At times, we’re dealing with the same people, which is even more terrifying.

Our problems as a nation are not going to be solved until people grow up and start working together, to create a better nation, understanding that each party must be willing to give 51% all of the time.  This cannot happen under the current conditions with Citizen’s United.  We know that changing it, primarily via a Constitutional Amendment is a Democrat mantra.  But, it looks like at least one Republican, Lindsey Graham gets it.  I’m glad someone does.  I’m glad we have at least one Republican who understands the GOP must learn how to work well and play well with others.  That’s like Jeb Bush and immigration reform.  He’s willing to be human and decent, like his brother.  But, forget that.  Democrats are going to do everything possible to destroy him.  That’s the name of the game.

On Twitter, I attracted the ire of a liberal who was furious with me for saying something positive about Paul Ryan.  For one thing, it showed he knew nothing about me, because it may have been the first time I’ve ever said anything positive about him.  His proposal for highway funding is a start.  Why can’t I say that?  Why can’t I criticize the ACA, which, I think is a joke?  I should have the freedom to be able to purchase insurance when I can afford it.  But, unless certain things change, I can’t get it.  BUT, if I were in prison, and now out, I could qualify.  Right now, I’m not feeling too charitable towards the idiots who created this stupid law.  The reason it is so stupid is because Republicans refused to work the Dems when the law was being created.

It’s the same thing with California, water, and that damn extinct fish.   The same thing holds true with solar and wind.  The right, thanks to the Koch Machine and Walmart, is holding back what could be true energy independence.  We are allowing extremes to rule and ruin our country.

I’m ready for some real change.  I want reason and logic.  I’m tired of being demonized because I tell my Republican friends that I voted for Obama in 2008, and tired of being demonized because I am still a huge fan of George W. Bush.  Both are good men.  A heck of a lot of Democrats are great people, just like a heck of a lot of Republicans are good people.  Maybe we just need to stop demonizing and start being adults – for a change.