Enough with the Protests, Already Yet


Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.26.27 PMProtest is downright American.  We’re a nation based on protest, bitching, and bitterly complaining.  That’s who we are.  It is ingrained into our national character.  We complain.  We’re so into protesting, as an art form, and we the people have turned it into an art form, that it is part of the Bill of Rights.  Nothing makes an American angrier than to tell us we can’t protest. If you want a fight, just try and stop it.  We live in a world where, apparently, the only one who ever gets what they want is the one who complains loudest.  Rule of thumb is that the meek inherit nothing here in the US.

There is nothing wrong with protest, but, after awhile, it does reach the point where, like Shakespeare, the protesting is just a little too much.  They’ve reached that point in Baltimore.  A little protesting is very good for the soul.  Enough is enough.  They’ve passed go.  Before long, people are going to start tuning out and get tired of it.

The protesting in Baltimore is becoming counterproductive.  Not only that, but due to the ongoing curfews, so many small business owners are being hurt, badly.  How can people march, talk about economic freedom when they are destroying the economic well-being of thousands of people in a town badly hit by the recession?

Don’t they understand with the curfew comes fewer working hours.  The people who work at Camden Yards aren’t even going to be paid for the week.  How many business owners will be going under because of the ongoing protests?   How many people are going to lose their jobs?  Don’t people comprehend that when a curfew is in place, people cannot work those hours?  Then..

  • Working fewer hours is less take-home pay
  • People miss car payments
  • They can miss credit card payments
  • They may not have enough money to cover the rent
  • Might not be able to cover a house payment
  • Families might not have as much to eat for awhile
  • If someone is surviving paycheck to paycheck, they are in big trouble
  • There will be people who will lose their homes over this
  • People will have their credit rating destroyed due to seemingly endless protests
  • How many small businesses will be forced to close

Something like this has an avalanche effect.  A day or two of protesting was acceptable and appropriate.  But, now, more people have the potential of being ruined than will be helped.  Is anyone going to admit it?  Of course not. Once a movement has reached the point of narcissistic self-importance, it doesn’t matter who is hurt.  They’re right, and that is all that matters.

There is one other reason I do not like nor approve of protests like what we have seen this week.  Look at the photo I’m using.  Can you distinguish one individual?  A large protest reaches the point where the individual ceases to exist.  It is about the group, the mob, the collective.  While they shout about lives mattering, they forget they are individuals.  They are part of something.  As part of something, they have surrendered their individuality to be a part of the whole. They walk as a mass.  They chant in unison.  They march in rank.  They turn together.  They wave arms together. They become a massive organism.  They become the Borg.

You will never see me in a group of people where my identity must be surrendered as part of the whole.  I am more important than that.  I am a living, breathing person who is not part of a mob. I reserve the right to think on my own and to be responsible for my own actions.  I pity those who have given those up – to protest.