Ron Paul’s Lovely Racist Past


Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 9.46.28 PMPando Daily had managed to unearth something we’ve all heard quite a bit about, the Ron Paul news letter where he refers to certain minorities as ‘animals’.   Now that he is out of politics (sort of) none of this would be all that important except for one little thing – Rand Paul.  You can wriggle out of a parent’s past, if there’s not that little Jack Hunter Southern Avenger racist in your own woodpile.  That is why this is so important.  Mark Ames, who has done yoeman’s duty exposing the Brothers’ Koch, brings up this salient point.

“...It’s not surprising that, today, Ron Paul claims his newsletters, published by his political group and purporting to be written by himself under his own name, were actually the work of an authorized ghostwriter. As if having someone else ghost your racism before mailing it out in your name to your supporters is somehow ok. [Coincidentally, his son Rand Paul’s ghostwriter, Jack Hunter, turned out to be a neo-Confederate extremist famous for writing “John Wilkes Booth Was Right.”] It should also be noted that in the 1990s, Ron Paul repeatedly defended his racist newsletters in the Texas press; it was only much later, after winning the hearts of some credulous liberals in the late Bush years, that Ron Paul changed his tune and claimed he’d never seen “The Ron Paul Political Report” racist newsletters….”

That’s why all of this matters.  We can be rather well assured that Jack Hunter is hiding somewhere, maybe in plain sight, within Rand Paul’s POTUS operation.  Hunter is a vile person. According to the Huffington Post, Rand said he was ‘vaguely’ aware of Hunter’s sentiments.  Yea right. This leads to all those lovely little racists and bigots who love libertarian politics.

Stay tuned….I’m sure there will be much, much more.  Hunter is now writing for the nearly fascist American Conservative.  As of October, he was still writing nice things about Rand Paul.


One thought on “Ron Paul’s Lovely Racist Past

  1. It not only matters because of the racist crap spewed in the name of and approved by (if not written by) both Pauls, it matters because Ron Paul lied about it when it became a liability. It’s obvious that he used the racist screeds in his newsletters to raise funds, an interesting spin on the ‘southern strategy.’ However, once it became an embarrassment, he lied, claiming to have never seen the stuff published in his name.

    Ron Paul was (and likely still is) racist to a greater or lesser degree. He’s also a liar, attempting to cover up the less-savory aspects of his early political career. Rand Paul is associated with the same people, employing them as writers and advisors. It’s not an unreasonable assumption that the apple did not fall too far from the tree.

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