Polling Fun & Games


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.31.01 AMI just love the way the media is harping on their latest POTUS polls.  We really don’t need to discuss the Dems.  Right now, Hillary is running away with it on the Dem side.  According to the latest PPP numbers, Scott Walker is at 18%, leading the GOP.  That alone tells me something is terribly wrong.  Walker is not viable.  They say Rubio and Huckabee have the momentum.  Right now that makes sense. I really don’t know how much credit I would put in all of this when approximately a third of all GOP primary voters think Obama is trying to take over Texas.

Everyone is doing a woe is Jeb Bush.  Let’s be honest here.  The extreme right hates him.  The extreme left hates him.  He is the only viable candidate who can take on Hillary, and have a chance of winning.

The crowded GOP is just plain old fun and games.  Hillary is going to debate her challengers, which should be interesting. Rick Santorum says the reason people are losing religion in this country is because there aren’t any strong anti-abortion candidates in the GOP.   Lindsey is getting in, I hear, on June 1.  Once again, I wish he wouldn’t, but that is because, as a friend, I dread the attacks which will come.

Because we are friends, I have already endorsed him.  I happen to know he is the most honorable candidate running.  He would be a great POTUS.  He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, but that doesn’t make a difference.  We disagree on quite a few things.  That’s okay.  He’s a man of honor.  I trust him. I also owe him, big time.

Lindsey is moderating, which I find incredible.  Someone needs to be the  voice of reason within the crowded GOP field.  I suspect that is his role.   Because he’s not even showing in the polls, don’t even expect them to let him in the debates.  They don’t want him.  He would wipe the floor with everyone.

The one thing I do know, when dealing with the GOP, he/she who is front-runner this early, is going to be eliminated. If things go as they did, last time.  Watch the front-runner be knocked off, week by week.  I will predict, and have been predicting, that without the use of garlic, a wooden stake, sterling silver crosses and holy water, Mitt Romney will rise from his vampire coffin, and slither in to attempt to save the world.

Let’s face it, Lindsey’s the best person for the job. Knowing how Lindsey loves to do the in-your-face thing, if he would run the same ground game he did in 1994, and ‘moderate’ to those positions, he would appeal to the real GOP base, the ones, such as moi, who have been kicked out, and are floundering around, without a political home. Granted, I’d love to see him be more moderate, but at least he’s the reasonable one.  Unfortunately, in today’s GOP, reason just doesn’t cut it.

We need moderate.  We also need someone with Lindsey’s story.  He knows what it is to fight for everything he has.  His narrative is perfect for this election cycle.  He just needs to stress his background and everything he has over-come in life.  Lindsey has more in common with we the little people than anyone else running for POTUS.  There is nothing elite about him.  I think that’s probably the problem.  He really doesn’t fit in with the billionaires, whores, and white supremacists.  He does though, have a dirty little secret – he plays a heck of a lot of golf!