Too Much Stuff


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.56.31 PMI suspect this should be called Confessions of an Almost Hoarder.  I have a very dear friend who is basically an antique hoarder.  When I realized I was going in that direction, I put myself on the wagon.  It will be 3 years, July, since I’ve even stepped foot into an antique shop.  It has been 3 years since I bought a pair of shoes.  Sure, money’s been tight, but this has now become a challenge.  I haven’t bought new clothes, or anything for the condo.  I have bought a 17″ MacBook Pro, an iPhone 4, and an iPhone 5c.  I also bought an iPad Mini.  No, I’m not hoarding electronics.  You should see the pile I have on my table, waiting for the garage sale on the 22nd.

It all started about 6 weeks ago when I was feeling sorry for myself, taking a Saturday afternoon nap.  I was watching one of those shows about hoarders and talking to my sister.  One thing has led to another.  I’m cleaning out closets, taking things off the walls, and deleting numerous dead craft projects. Let’s face it, I’m where craft projects go to die.

At first, I was dreading the process, but now, it’s starting to be fun.  I keep thinking of what else I’m going to sell.  I’ve even signed up to get one of those cube thingies for my iPhone.  I’m trying to sell a couple paintings.  I’m also selling my 1988 LeBaron Convertible.    Once upon a time, a friend, who is also a priest, told me it is fun to lighten the load.  You know, she was right.

The best part is my father’s books and things are going to be donated to help establish a new library!  I’m putting in numerous books, to help build an archive and research room.  That is fun.

So far, I’ve sorted and bagged well over 600 small bags of beads.  Yep, it’s sick.  I’m now sorting scraping booking supplies. I don’t scrapbook.  You need to have a life to scrapbook.  Just in case you think I’m going off deep end, I’m not selling any shoes.

Thus far, the cats are far from amused.