Lindsey Is Right


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.31.01 AMOn Monday afternoon, Lindsey was on Wolf Blitzer. Unlike everyone else, he went out on a limb, saying that we need additional boots on the ground, to battle ISIS. No, it isn’t because he wants to see American service men and women die, but because he wants to prevent others from dying. Unlike everyone else who is running around in circles, blaming George W. Bush, he puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has been in office since 2009. That’s nearly 6 and a half years. ISIS very slowly evolved into existence on his watch, not that of GWB. No matter how the revisionists want to portray things, we are in this bloody mess because the man cannot make a decision when it comes to foreign policy. He could have stopped the atrocities in Syria, several years ago, but refused, primarily on the advice of Secretary of State, John Kerry. They turned a blind eye as a small group of monsters began slaughtering Christians, in some of the oldest enclaves in the world. They continue to turn a blind eye to the slaughter of Christians. Frankly, I don’t understand this. Oh, I understand what happened in Syria. In order to stop ISIS, Obama would have been required to work with Vladimir Putin.  By now we are learning that Barack Obama has three major character flaws.

  1. He does not have the ability to think beyond a few moves of the chess game.  He doesn’t consider all the alternatives nor foresee problems.  (I know all about this.  My father had the same problem.)
  2. He is very slow making decisions.
  3. Apparently he can be very petty and vindictive when it comes to people who thwart him.  We’re starting to see this play out with Elizabeth Warren.  Yes, Vlad is a stinker, to put it mildly, but he can be manipulated and used the way GWB did, by appealing to his ego. Instead, because of Obama’s intense dislike of the man, and John Kerry’s duplicity, we are teetering on the brink of World War III.

These character flaws have caused Obama, who has one of the most secretive Administrations ever, and an intense dislike of the media, to be the embodiment of Hamlet.  He cannot make a major decision.  While he muses his options, consulting with an increasingly group of highly incompetent political hacks, including the man John McCain says is the most incompetent Secretary of Defense in his life-time, thousands of people have been slaughtered.

While people die, the Administration presents this rosy picture of how easy it is going to be to push back ISIS.  Like Lindsey said, it is not going to be easy.  As he mentioned, what is going on now is an insult to the over 4000 men and women who died in Iraq and the 2000+ who died in Afghanistan.  The disaster in Iraq could have been avoided if he had not pulled out troops out, to keep a campaign promise.  He also promised to have the most transparant Administration in history, but that is a total crock.  It has reached the point with this Administration that we’re beginning to see that old credibility gap which plagued LBJ.

No, I don’t want Lindsey running for POTUS.  I don’t want to see the way he will be abused, mistreated, and belittled.  He is the finest person in DC and the very best person for the job.  Our country disparately needs him.  I don’t think anyone else is even bothering to hit the American people right between the eyes with the unvarnished truth of the horrible mess coming our way.  Instead, the liberals are already treating him like dirt.  The right isn’t much better.

We have a mess in this country.  I don’t mind admitting that I voted for Barack Obama in 2008.  One of the reasons I voted for him was, at that time, he was basically following GWB’s foreign policy. Now though, we have a total disaster.  I’m sick of the prevarications that George W. Bush created the mess we are in, today.  He did not.  Evil, monsterous psychopaths did that.  Unfortunately, Obama has enabled them.  With his extensive military background, I suspect Lindsey is the only person for the job – darn it.

I am so proud of Lindsey!

I have been told that I am saying these things because I hate Obama.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I’ve watched a man, who had a streak of greatness, squander that greatness.  I don’t like the fact that he may go down as one of the worst leaders in this nation’s history.  I don’t like it at all.  It hurts.  I think Michelle is the most iconic First Lady we’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, way back in 1994, we all knew where Lindsey was headed.  With his biography, ability, and heart, I fear it is inevitable.