The Second Term Curse


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.15.54 PMYesterday, I was a little rough on President Obama.  I did so intentionally, not out of dislike but dismay.  The person we see today is not the same one I voted for in 2012.  Something is going on with his second term Administration, and it is disconcerting.  Something is wrong.  I don’t know if it is him, or if things are just getting out of control.  There are rumors that he is at odds with his national security team.  There are also rumors that the Secretary of State is not all that cooperative with him, either.  Considering the Secretary of State, I have a feeling those rumors might be true.

I have a feeling numerous books are going to be written about this second term, trying to analyze what went wrong.  Like I have said, repeatedly, this is not the same man.  He looks tired, world-weary, and maybe even disheartened.  Who wouldn’t be?

By this time, within an Administration, corruption, scandals, and incompetence rears its ugly head.  We’re seen either none of or very little of this within the Obama Administration.  That is indicative of the man in the Oval Office.  He is honest, probably to a fault.  I think he is fair.  I have said that he appears to be petty and vindictive at times, with those who cross him, but aren’t we all?

Do any of us truly understand the burdens he has shouldered?  It’s one thing being POTUS.  That alone is enough to ruin a person’s life.  But to be the first minority to hold the office must be sheer hell. One must assume everything he does is tainted by history, fate, and legacy, and how he will measure up for future generations.  In this day and age, the color of skin should be the last thing we see when we see him.

The far right hate machine makes things worse.  Frankly, while some of the hatred aimed at him is due to his race, I am not convinced it is all about just that.  I happen to think the far right hate machine is so out of control, they would hate Pope Francis if he were POTUS.  Oh, wait, they do.  I guess that proves my point.  We are dealing with the era of politics of personal destruction, not only from the right but from the left.  If you think the nastiness the far right has slammed the Obamas with is bad, just wait for the next Republican to hold the office.  It will be even worse, trust me.   We’re already watching the left wing hate machine gear up for 2016.  It is alive and well, and determined to take no prisoners, vengeance is theirs, and they will destroy.  That’s why I loath seeing my friend Lindsey run.  This day and age, why on earth would anyone want to run for POTUS.  No, not because the job is so difficult, but the hatred is so intense, it is destroying our country.

We’re watching that hatred destroy a good man.  We’ve seen what it has done to his wife, who happens to be one tough woman.  She is amazing.  The more they attack her, the stronger she becomes.  Michelle Obama is an remarkable role model for all young women.

The man loves his children.  He and Michelle have done their best to try to maintain a normal family for them, if normal is possible.  You never hear about them getting in trouble, rebelling, or even stepping out of line.  This speaks volumes about the quality of the parenting they receive.

There is so very much to admire about this man, and I do.  He is one of those people I would like to meet.  I’ve watched him when he is dealing with the elderly, how he knows how to literally reach out and touch them, to keep them from toddling over and falling.  This comes from someone who not only cares, but has had experience with someone who is elderly.  It also tells us about the quality of his character.  I was watching him, one time, with a very elderly man, who stood up, quite unsteady.  In a move I know so well, having used the same technique with my mother so many times, he grabbed the back of the man’s jacket.  It was utterly revealing.

That is why I’m so concerned about him.  If I disliked the man, I wouldn’t be agonizing, but I would be enjoying his problems.  I don’t.  I don’t like seeing his legacy squandered, and I fear it is being squandered.  I want to know why.  Is he so heart-sick, so world-weary that he has quit caring or is he being sand-bagged from within?  This is one of the scenarios that interests me.  It would not even surprise me if he were being torpedoed by the Secretary of State.  Is it possible he is such a good and honorable man he can’t see the evil men do?  Or, is he such a cockeyed optimist that he keeps hoping for the best?

Every political instinct I have tells me something is truly wrong.  I truly hope a solution can be found and things can be put to rights, but we’re so far into the term that I have a feeling, like so many who have gone before him, things are now out of control.  I just want to see him get out of it sane, safe, alive, and strong.

I do pity the next person who steps into the Oval Office.  If he/she is a Republican their lives are going to be made a living hell by the left media.  If she is a Democrat, the media on the right is going to do their best to destroy her.  It is unrelenting.  One of these days, they’re going to go too far and we’re going to see a tragedy.

In his bitterly hilarious satirical novels about Florida, Carl Hiaasen created a character named Skank.  A reclusive and very strange creature, few people knew that Skank was a former governor of the state who just walked off the job, and disappeared.  He was driven to the edge of sanity by the press and his political foes.  One of these days we’re going to see the same thing happen in the Oval Office.  When it does the political foes and the media will point fingers at one another for awhile, then go back to their hate fest.   There are times when I fear this good man is at a breaking point.  I also keep thinking his real enemy is from within his Administration.